Mayor Jerry Sanders unveiled a 2011 budget this afternoon that closed a $28.2 million budget gap. It’s more eventful for what isn’t among the budget cuts than what is. Sanders pledged the reductions will have no impacts on city services.

We’ll have more details later but here are the highlights:

  • The reductions came from four areas: fleet costs ($11 million), contracts ($7.5 million), retiree health care costs ($3 million) and restructuring a legal settlement from the pension underfunding ($6.7 million).
  • The citywide budget is $2.85 billion and day-to-day budget is $1.09 billion, both decreases from this year.
  • Sanders reiterated his goal to have a plan for eliminating the city’s long-term deficit in 15 months. He pegged that deficit at $75 million and said he would unveil more details on Monday in an updated five-year financial outlook.

Here’s a link to Sanders’ budget.


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