Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • In the city of San Diego’s budget picture, City Council budgets are the equivalent of one brushstroke — less than 1 percent. But promises made by three council members to reduce their budgets last year have turned out to be one-time deals that don’t yield any long-term savings.
  • The campaign for term limits for San Diego County supervisors doesn’t make sense, our own Scott Lewis writes. 
  • A roof over the proposed Chargers stadium downtown? Team special counsel Mark Fabiani made the case at a breakfast speech yesterday. 
  • An Indian waste management company we wrote about earlier this week turned up in a recent NPR story about “one of the world’s nastiest jobs.”
  • Last, the L.A. Times pokes fun at local Democratic Assemblywoman Lori Saldana for criticizing state Sen. Abel Maldonado during confirmation hearings for lieutenant governor, but then voting for him.


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