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Starting today, I’m adding a new dynamic to the San Diego People Project, which aims to demonstrate the connectivity among San Diego County’s estimated 3,173,407 residents. Every week, I’ll be asking the photo subject a series of questions that will lead me to the next installment of the project. In doing so, I want to see and show how interconnected we all are.

I started this new tack by walking into Santos Coffee Shop this morning, where I typically get a cup of coffee before work. Jennifer Moreno was working behind the counter and I photographed her just across the street from the coffee shop.

In the coming weeks, every person I photograph for this project will have some sort of connection to me and to Jennifer.

Name: Jennifer Moreno

Age: 21

Occupation: Barista and UCSD student

Part of Town: University Heights

What is the biggest challenge facing San Diego?

“There are so many challenges. Probably separation and lack of community.”


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