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Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • Think of this next time you hit a pothole driving around the city of San Diego. The city’s streets have gotten worse under Mayor Jerry Sanders and a city estimate indicates he’ll likely leave office with the road system in worse shape than when he arrived. And that’s happening despite a massive increase in road repair dollars.
  • City Councilwoman Donna Frye didn’t contribute to the restored funding of the city’s fire pits even though there are some in her district. The U-T asks why.
  • Former Centre City Development Corp. head Nancy Graham did not have her conflict-of-interest charges dismissed at a San Diego Ethics Commission hearing last night. She has a full hearing scheduled for next week.
  • A note I missed from earlier in the week. Our own Scott Lewis takes on the mayor over his claims of “diversity” in his Ethics Commission appointments.
  • And check out our latest San Diego Explained. This one tells you what the city’s Independent Budget Analyst Andrea Tevlin does.

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