Listen, if you haven’t already, to the tête-à-tête between San Diego Council Members Carl DeMaio and Marti Emerald on KPBS this morning over DeMaio’s new outsourcing ballot initiative.

They went back and forth on the living wage and the city’s outsourcing history, but the conversation quickly turned less than civil. Among the grenades flung:

Emerald accuses DeMaio’s staff of using city time to circulate petitions.

Emerald accuses DeMaio’s backers of being behind a blogged-about potential recall campaign against her.

DeMaio calls Emerald’s statements “shameful.” He added, “This entire presentation from Ms. Emerald is filled with misinformation and paranoia.”

Among the more pertinent information included in the discussion, DeMaio said he expected to raise $1.5 million for the campaign and labor-backed opponents to raise $2 million. Expect lots of direct mail come election time.


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