In my last posting I outlined the history of the current series of local waterfront planning meetings being hosted by developer David Malmuth.

Last May, Malmuth submitted a proposal to the Unified Port of San Diego for a grant to conduct three public workshops that would address the idea of enhancing the existing NEVP Phase1 proposal by adding an arts and culture element, eliminating the promised Broadway Landing Park at the foot of Broadway.

Malmuth emailed a workshop announcement out to local residents on June 1 inviting them to attend the three workshops. In that announcement, Commissioner Scott Peters said that the workshops “will also inform the Port’s Master Plan amendment for the NEVP”.

Then on June 8th, port President and CEO Charles Wurster announced at a port board meeting that he was suspending any consideration of a contract with Malmuth for the workshops in order to focus on resolving the ongoing lawsuits against the port over its efforts to construct a new permanent cruise ship terminal on the Broadway Pier.

In the run up to that port board meeting, there was a lot of discussion about whether the Malmuth workshops would be folded into the ongoing Environmental Import Report and Port Master Plan Amendment process that is looking at updating the original NEVP plan in the current Port Master Plan, or whether it’s a backdoor attempt by Peters and port staff to justify the issuance of another Coastal Development Permit without adopting any significant changes to the current NEVP Phase 1 project. This would allow them to go back before the California Coastal Commission at its October, 2010 meeting in San Diego for another vote on the existing phase 1 plan with perhaps only a few cosmetic tweaks.

Through a California Public Records Act request, the Bayfront Complex Coalition has obtained a copy of the final draft contract that the Board of Port Commissioners considered in closed session before its June 8th meeting.

Here is a copy of that draft contract. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

I am still not clear on what Mr. Malmuth’s ultimate goals are for this process, but I believe that the draft contract makes it clear what Commissioner Peters and port staff planned to do with whatever results came out of Malmuth’s workshop process.


In addition to his other affiliations, Don Wood is also a member of the Bayfront Complex Coalition, an alliance of local civic organizations dedicated to preserving and enhancing public access to downtown San Diego’s waterfront.

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