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Contracting out all inter-school sports programs is the answer. The schools can increase their revenue, save money and satisfy those individuals that wish to contract out public services.

The plan would allow private companies to own an exclusive franchise to operate a high school’s football team and other sports. Each school would accept a bid from a private company to organize and run the schools inter-school sports programs. The private contracting companies would get exclusive use of the school’s sports field and gymnasium after school hours. The companies would in turn get revenue from admissions to the sporting events and from possibly charging team members to play.

This arrangement would be fairer to all students. Pay-to-play would force those students who really benefit from competitive sports programs to pay while non-participating students could save their money for future education. The schools would save from the fact that they would be excused from liability expenses and for police presence at the games.

The current school coaches would be replaced with classroom instructors saving the school a bundle. There would be no coaches with free school time to compensate them for their time-spent recruiting and coaching.

Labor unions should not object to contracting out this function because it is unlikely the contractors would hire illegal aliens at a substandard wage. By the nature of the work, the contractor’s employees would generally be paid something above the minimum wage, and in fact, if these organizations mimic other sports organizations, their employees would soon be making outrageous salaries. This contracting system should work until the contractors threaten to move unless the schools build new stadiums for them.

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