I’m a big fan of cities. And every time I visit one, I end up seeing something or going somewhere and thinking, “Man, I wish San Diego had that.”

I figured I should start briefly chronicling these things. (The hope: That someone here sees the idea and does something about it.)

Earlier this month I was in Minneapolis for a wedding. It was a beautiful Sunday and we were looking for something to do. Perfect day for a bike ride. And we found this, Nice Ride. It’s an incredibly cheap bike-rental system with unmanned kiosks spread all round the city. Five bucks a day. Sixty bucks a year for a subscription. You can start at any kiosk and return the bikes anywhere you want.

I spent plenty of time riding around and wondering if this could work in San Diego.

Despite its horrific winters (I went to college there, I can write that with authority), Minneapolis was just named the No. 1 biking city in the country. An incredible path system and incredibly flat topography aid that.

We do have a more spread out and hilly town. But we also wouldn’t have to remove the kiosks in November to avoid salt damage. What do you think? Put a comment on this post.


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