There are some things as a photojournalist that can really make your day. These two pictures sum up why it’s so fun to go out on assignments with everyday people doing interesting things.

Adrian Florido and I spent the morning with Simon Bahena, a 67-year-old man who sells shaved ice out of a converted tricycle.

While photographing Bahena preparing the syrup for the shaved ice, his dog Oso (Spanish for “Bear”) came into the room. “Oh no,” Adrian muttered, having encountered the dog the day before.

Oso looked harmless, but over the next hour nipped at my pant leg and untied my shoes relentlessly. It made shooting a bit challenging, but was amusing nonetheless.

Then, when we hit the streets, Bahena all of a sudden insisted that Adrian take a ride on the cart. Adrian chided me as I shot pictures of him riding through town, but I think he’ll one day look back and appreciate that I have this photo.


Sam Hodgson

Sam Hodgson is a freelance photojournalist and contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can contact him at

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