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It’s official: The Southwestern College Sun will soon be printed again.

College officials and the student newspaper settled a dispute over whether the Sun had failed to follow college bidding rules in choosing its printer, something that had threatened to halt its printing completely, by speeding up the bidding process and choosing a printer quickly so that the paper was free to print.

Students and the newspaper faculty advisor, Max Branscomb, had alleged that the college was invoking the policy, which had not been followed for years, merely to stop them from printing. The Sun has aggressively reported on controversies over the current college administration, whose supporters are up for election soon.

College officials countered that one requirement for keeping their imperiled accreditation is ensuring that campus policies are followed, including rules about bidding.

Branscomb said the paper would skip its first issue and go directly to printing the second edition.

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Emily Alpert was formerly the education reporter for Voice of San Diego.

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