A couple of days ago I mentioned this art teacher who has his students make art projects inspired by living artists, and then blogs about it.

I’ve got a few more blog recommendations to tell you about:

• The U-T’s new visual arts page added a couple more bloggers to the three I told you about last week: photographer Will Parson and Joe Nalven, who edits a digital art website.

• Kinsee Morlan, San Diego CityBeat’s arts editor, launched her own blog last week. Previously her posts showed up only in the alt weekly’s general blog.

• Not exactly a blog, but a cool online feature: free video podcasts about the 17 public sculptures that UCSD has assembled in its Stuart Collection.

• A reader sent along this blog, Frogger Dogger, run by several former U-T music writers. He highlighted T. Michael Crowell and Michael Kinsman, two of the blog’s chief writers, and said “both are genius in their knowledge of the music industry.”

• KPBS’s Culture Lust follows up on radio pieces and finds back stories and tidbits about questions and happenings in the local arts scene.

• San Diego Opera’s Aria Serious? has one of the best titles in town and links to great things like its top post today, a video of a three-year-old squealing with delight as he pretends to conduct Beethoven.

• Some friends of mine run Sezio, a local events and media organization that promotes emerging artists and musicians in San Diego.

• City College’s student newspaper a couple of weeks ago promised a new blog covering local arts — we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

What other local arts blogs should I know about?

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Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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