This Saturday morning while en route from my Bankers Hill (one of the oldest, venerable San Diego settled areas) residence to the local coffee shop, well umbrellaed and tripping, from time to time, on the crumbled, jostled, uncared for concrete sidewalk: some containing imprints of placement well over a century ago. Observing, our sidewalks presenting also increased numbers of rolling empty cans, bottles, torn clothing and grocery carts.

Is this a sign of homelessnescity?

I marveled over the current mayor’s (former police chief) priority propositions on city pensions (excepting police and fireperson new hirees). Shouldn’t there be an inclusion on the priority list of long neglected (or postponed) repairs of the sidewalks and streets, perhaps starting in the historic heart of the city alongside Balboa Park as well?

And, while the Banker’s Hill/Hillcrest/NorthPark/Mission Hills area Parking Committee copes with utilizing or arranging its parking meter income, should they give thought to the increasing number of weekday, all day and workday parkers in Balboa Park — non-charged — thus seemingly filling up spaces intended for short time visitors for picnicking, hiking, and museum visiting?

Somehow the current City Council, mayor of San Diego and former City Attorney Aguirre, among others, might also give fresh leadership, as they continue to sort and sock out current priorities and municipal issues, to rebuild what a century or more ago S.D. leadership had in mind for this gem of a national geographical location.

With the newspapers and coffee shop chattering currently focused on comfy pensions and athletic stadiums’ placement, one wonders how it will all evolve some fine day — particularly as we avoid tripping on broken sidewalks and crossing uneven streets.

Terry Lynberg lives in Bankers Hill.

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