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I have the following proposals for the parking situation at Balboa Park. I propose that paid parking be implemented:

• If you are a resident of San Diego proper, you would be able to buy an annual parking pass for $30.

• If you are an employee of Balboa Park you would buy an annual pass for $50.

• If you are a resident of any other city (or county or country) you would have to pay for parking on daily basis at the parking meters installed throughout the park and around adjoining streets. The maximum allotted time would be four hours.

The purpose of this plan is to generate funds to be used to secure the infrastructure of Balboa Park and to maintain the park at a sustainable level. It would also defray the cost of building parking structures.

I propose that parking lots be developed in the following areas:

• At the Zoo parking lot, an underground structure which would be three stories deep and house an (at this time unknown number) of parking spaces, all on a pay-for-parking basis.

• Underground parking built on either side of Village Place.

• The current parking on the north side of Spanish Village to become underground parking with “Disabled Only” parking on the top of the structure.

• The current parking lot to the south of Spanish Village, in front of the Natural History museum, to become underground parking with a one way turn around road looping around from Village Place to exit on Park Boulevard. The road would also be used as a drop off area to the east of the Natural History Museum.

All three parking lots would produce the least impact on the park. The fronts of the parking structures on Park Boulevard could be designed in such a way as to provide a visually pleasing front to the structures. (Look at this parking garage built under the Long Beach Convention Center for example.)

The proposals I make would eliminate the need to change the Cabrillo Bridge and would disentangle most traffic through the park. Park Boulevard is a much more sane road on which traffic would be diverted.

Sali Weiss lives in Banker’s Hill.

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