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It’s fun to make Top 10 lists looking back at each year. Then, I read our Most Read of 2010 post and am amused, but a little forlorn that the stories I’m most proud of for the year didn’t necessarily make the cut.

So here’s a quick index of a few stories we did this year that didn’t make the most-read but should make the must-read:

Out of Reach | Investigation into the county’s poor track record of providing services to the neediest.

Silent Journey | A 24-year-old deaf refugee comes to San Diego and has an epiphany: That there’s a way for him to communicate.

The Rise of Dumanis | How the District Attorney became San Diego’s most powerful political player

• Porkfest | The running coverage by Liam Dillon and Scott Lewis unraveling the secret late-night redevelopment deal.

I’m sure there’s plenty more that I forgot about (like the Prop. D work), and I know there are tons of great work done by all the other publications around San Diego. But these are a few that are worth your time if you need some reading over the long weekend.

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