I went and looked at the humidor on January 7. I was the first person to look. CCDC had a nice young woman sitting in the freezing cold building. You also had a security guard who spent all the time I was there talking on his cell phone. As I was leaving, one other person came to look. The office furniture was in another location with another person guarding it.

The humidor was filthy, had locked drawers with no keys, and was pushed up against a fence so that you couldn’t inspect it. It can’t be worth more than $100.

What a joke. The humidor wasn’t worth much of anything. And, CCDC spent about $1,000 (at least) promoting the auction. I doubt if you will even recoup your costs to auction both the furniture and humidor.

Just another example of wasted money by incompetent people.

Lyle LaRosh lives in Bay Park.

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