These were the top stories for the week of Feb. 21 – 27, 2011.

 Liberty Station Is Economically Depressed

Or so, apparently, says the mayor.

 The $700 Million School Mystery

The San Diego County Office of Education holds school districts accountable and fills in the gaps in the system. Yet it flies remarkably under the radar even as it takes on an increasingly important role.

 A Graveyard of Discarded Dreams

The house on a hill in Mount Hope once seemed so full of promise. But when the city started clearing out the tons of junk accumulated there, one man’s hoarding problem hit the nightly news. It wasn’t supposed to end that way.

 San Diego Home Prices: Reasonable Again

As a result of the recent price decline, San Diego homes are now very much in line with their historical relationships to local rents and incomes. And thanks to ultra-low rates, monthly payments are far below their historical norm.

 Morning Report: Home Prices (Drumroll) Are Reasonable!

The housing market no longer out of whack, what a dissolving city looks like, Chula Vista’s headscratcher, and more.

 A Rare Investment Amid Gutted Schools

The Obama administration is pouring money into King-Chavez Arts Academy, part of a larger bid to turn around the lowest performing schools in the country.

 Fact Check: The Beach Booze Ban Vote

Statement: “Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach residents all voted overwhelmingly against the alcohol ban,” Pacific Beach resident Gordon Nall wrote in a letter published by the Union-Tribune Feb. 17. Determination: True

 Governor Puts Redevelopment Death in Writing

It’d had only been talked about. Now we have details.

 Morning Report: Tales from El Cajon Blvd.

Gathering stories on the famous main drag, cities draft a redevelopment compromise and beer lovers craft a Rowtopia event.

 Teacher Layoff Scares and ‘Lucy and the Football’

Looming layoffs bring up an old frustration: Why do school districts warn teachers of layoffs that never come?

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