Your mama was right: You’re beautiful, kid, and you should be in pictures.

One of the best photographers in San Diego, Sam Hodgson, works for us and we’d like him to work for you, too. He’s giving away a couple of hours of his time as a professional photographer, including 20 photos and full rights to the digital files and images.

All you have to do is:

• Get five people to sign up for the Morning Report (they have to do it themselves).

• Have them enter in your name on the sign-up form when asked who referred them.

• That will make you eligible to score a two-hour photo shoot with Hodgson, whose photo blog was listed last year as one of 11 “must-follow news photoblogs,” and who is the author of a new book of photos of San Diego. You’ll also get a one-hour proofing session where you’ll get to pick the photos you want to keep.

You’ve got until May 16 to sign up five friends for the Morning Report. Afterward, we’ll have a random drawing to give away the prize to one lucky person who will get Hodgson and his floppy hair on their doorstep.

The Morning Report is each day’s chapter of the insider’s view of what’s happening in San Diego. It’s indispensible and there’s nothing else like it.

You’re doing your friends a favor, really. By getting them to sign up, you’re showing them that you’re on the inside track to knowing what’s important to San Diego and they can be too.

We’ve even drummed up some talking points for you:

• Be the smartest person at work: Sign up for the Morning Report.

• Find out how San Diego is changing: Sign up for the Morning Report.

• When the heck are libraries going to be open? Find out with the Morning Report.

• Is your kid’s teacher going to be laid off? Find out with the Morning Report.

• Who’s running for mayor? Find out with the Morning Report.

So, recommend the Morning Report to your friends, your family, your co-workers! Send it to your whole office, your newsletter, your social media pals.

Meanwhile, check out some of Hodgson’s portrait photos:

Portraits – Images by Sam Hodgson

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