Last month, I wrote about the revolving door of kids at Marshall Elementary in City Heights. I just checked back in with Principal Staci Monreal, who says that door is still spinning and spinning.

Monreal said the school lost seven students and enrolled 20 new ones between May 2 and May 11, which is pretty remarkable when you think about how late in the school year this is.

And she said in this latest round of student churn, most of the kids came from other nearby schools, not across town. Poor families move more often, and switching schools can set kids back academically. Marshall has one of the most transient student populations in the district.

From our last article:

There is no rule stopping kids from staying at Marshall after they move. San Diego Unified allows families to go to any school that has room for them — if they can get there. But some parents are unaware of the rules. And even when they know, a mile can be too far for poor families without an easy way to get around.

When the article came out, one reader suggested a walking school bus. Any solutions to the problem yet? Nope, Monreal says. Not yet.

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