The Unified Port of San Diego is beginning a process to update and amend the North Embarcadero section of its Port Master Plan. That process began with the issuance of a North Embarcadero Port Master Plan Amendment (PMPA) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Notice of Preparation earlier this spring.

As part of this process the port has appointed a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC), which will review the existing Port Master Plan section and provide comments. The port and its consultants may or may not address this as part of its EIR process. I was appointed to serve on the new committee, representing the Navy Broadway Complex Coalition, which is a coalition of local organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving and enhancing public access and views to our downtown bayfront.

The CAC has held several meetings so far, primarily to hear presentations by port staff and their consultants on elements of the existing master plan and changes being proposed by the port. As part of this process, the group has been told that the base document the port plans to use as a starting point is the a 2005 Schematic Design developed by the port as an update of the original 1998 North Embarcadero Visionary Plan approved by the port and its partners, then approved by the California Coastal Commission in 2001.

These CAC meetings have attracted dozens of audience members, people who live downtown and are interested in that happens on our bayfront. I am sure that these CAC meeting attendees have thoughts of their own regarding our future waterfront, but to date the port staff has not allowed any time during the meetings for members of the audience to speak.

So I’ve decided to use this blog to gather readers’ ideas about shaping our future along the North Embarcadero. Regardless of whether or not you have taken the time to attend any meetings, I want to hear your ideas about what you think should be designed into this portion of our downtown bayfront.

What about the existing North Embarcadero do you like? What attracts you to the waterfront running from the airport on the north to the G Street Mole on the south? What don’t you like about the area, and how would you like to see that changed?

If your comments are only a sentence or two, you can post them at the end of this blog article. If you have more thoughts than will fit in comments, please feel free to email them to me at

This is your chance to help shape the future of our downtown waterfront. Please participate if you care about what happens on our bayfront. Thanks.

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In addition to his other affiliations, Don Wood is a member of the Navy Broadway Complex Coalition, an alliance of local civic organizations dedicated to preserving and enhancing public access to downtown San Diego’s waterfront, which is currently involved in ongoing litigation with the port over its alleged failure to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act when it approved the proposal to build the new permanent cruise ship terminal structure on the Broadway Pier.

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