Thanks to everyone who came out last night to our event “A Meeting of the Minds: Six Buzzing SD Arts and Culture Happenings.”

The event was better attended than we could have ever imagined. It wasn’t just a standing-room only crowd, it was an interesting and engaged crowd. We appreciate you coming out.

Below are some photos I snapped during the event. My job was made easy by the beautiful space, the Kettner Daylight Studio.

   Jennifer Luce tells the audience about the furniture design scene in San Diego.

   Evan Schumacher talks about the “Art of Élan” concert series.

   Seema Sueko gives the audience a field guide to local theater.

   Seema Sueko

   Evan Schumacher

   The shadows of Arts Editor Kelly Bennett and architect Jennifer Luce extend onto the screen at the Kettner Daylight Studio.

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Sam Hodgson is a freelance photojournalist and contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can contact him at

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