The call is coming from inside the house! The chairman of the county Democratic party says the party will not endorse or support any Democratic official who dares to support a Republican candidate for mayor, as several have already done.

The only declared Democratic candidate for mayor so far, Rep. Bob Filner, has made enemies in his party. The threat is “nuts,” says Lemon Grove’s mayor, one of those who dared to not literally follow the party line.

Redevelopment’s Ninth Life

The governor and Democrat legislators agreed yesterday on a budget deal that would kill redevelopment agencies and allow them to come back only as a shadow of their former selves.

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If San Diego’s redevelopment agencies agree to the plan, they’ll lose almost $70 million over the next two years, including $49 million from downtown. The taxpayer money will go to schools instead, taking some of the burden off the state budget.

Next steps: An official approval by the legislature and the governor, and then the inevitable lawsuits from cities angry about a gravy train turning into a gruel trolley.

I-15 Is Expressly Yours Once Again

Great news for car-poolers, express-bus riders and FasTrack users: the express lanes on I-15 are open again after construction and there are more of them than ever. From Highway 163 to Route 56, four express lanes are now available 24 hours a day in both directions, the U-T says. You can continue up to Escondido on the previously existing express lanes.

If you’d like to use the lanes only occasionally, here’s a tip from the files of your friendly neighborhood Morning Report scribe: if you buy a FasTrack pass in the Bay Area, there’s no ongoing fee to keep a pass, although you’ll have to prepay $25 or $50 at first. The passes are good here and elsewhere in the state, like the 405 bypass toll road in Orange County. By contrast, the monthly plan for a pass you buy here requires a maintenance fee, which could add up if you don’t use the pass very often.

Police Chief Meets with Officers over Misconduct

San Diego’s police chief has met with all of the city’s cops to discuss misconduct charges against several officers, the U-T says.

What’s That Smell?

It’s skunk season in San Diego, as newly born stinkpots are appearing all over the county except in parts of the desert. They can be a giant nuisance, and the government won’t step in to help you get rid of skunks.

So what can you do to make them go away if there’s a nightly “skunk pageant” in front of your house, as one Normal Heights resident told us? We’ve got the answers in an Explainer that provides everything you need to know about these gentle but not beloved critters.

Another Row to Hoe for Community Gardeners

Thanks to public attention and changes in the law, it looked like all systems go for the return of a community garden in Mountain View that was shut down after serving local Cambodians for years. Now, there’s yet another obstacle: an estimated bill of $20,000 to clear debris that would not have been there if the garden had never been forced to close. It’s not clear who will pay it.

Bishops Up in Arms over Vaccination Bill

The state’s Catholic bishops are fighting a bill by local state Assemblywoman Toni Atkins that would allow kids over the age of 12 to get vaccinations against sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ permission.

One of the issues in the debate is a vaccination that protects against a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer, among other diseases. The bill would also allow older minors to get preventive treatments such as drugs that aim to prevent the transmission of AIDS after intercourse with someone who may be infected.

Funeral for Gay Man in Catholic Church

A Catholic church in Little Italy refused to hold a funeral mass for the owner of a gay bar who died last month, LGBT Weekly reports. John Sanfilippo, who owned the SRO Lounge, was gay himself and had a partner.

However, KGTV quotes a last-minute email from the Diocese of San Diego as saying “the funeral as scheduled at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish may take place.”

In 2005, San Diego-area Bishop Robert Brom refused to allow 98 churches in the region to perform a mass for a gay Catholic businessman, but relented and apologized.

“Denying someone a Catholic funeral is rarely ever done,” a professor told City News Service at the time.

Fact Check Redux on Test Scores, Cops

Fact Check TV examines recent false claims by the police chief and the head of a local news website (no, not our boss, although he hasn’t been immune to being dinged in our pages over a bum claim).

‘It’s about the Organ’

The city’s civic organist, who became a surprising subject of controversy (and confusion) over her salary, is the topic of this week’s Behind the Scene TV segment.

The U-T also checks in with her in a new story and asks about how it’s felt to be the subject of criticism: “The support from all over the world has been very moving. It makes me realize how much people love the venue. It isn’t just about me. It’s about the organ. I don’t want to be San Diego’s last civic organist.”

Don’t Blame Her for City Woes, Says Ex-Mayor

Susan Golding was the mayor of San Diego in 1996, when the city began underfunding its pension and created the gigantic mess than haunts municipal finances today. A later administration made it worse. Now, she’s allocating blame. But none for her, thank you very much.

In an interview with our news partner NBC7 San Diego, Golding said she relied on advice at the time from experts and adds that mayoral successor Dick Murphy was the one who really screwed up

Liam Dillon points out too things: One, the city has a habit of reaching for questionable funding schemes whenever it can’t afford something. Two, San Diego leaders rarely accept responsibility for any of the city’s problems.

“Rarely” may be a stretch. One commenter has never seen any politician take the blame for the pension debacle: “They have no shame, no conscience, no ethics. And we elected them.” (And in some cases, kept electing them.)

Man alive, it’s not really that hard to say you did something wrong. Here, watch while I do it: The other day, I failed to properly… um… urg… urp… [Editor’s note: Medic!]

Editor’s Note: The version of the Morning Report that went out via email incorrectly summarized the lead story. It was fixed before being published on the site. A correction will also be sent out in tomorrow’s Morning Report. We regret the error.

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