We heard another couple of tales from Balboa Park basements since our post the other day. I’ve been spending time in the basement of the House of Charm every few days to check out “Odyssey” rehearsals and have wondered what other subterranean spectacles happen around the park.

Descend with us:

On our Facebook page, reader Ken Andersen shared a story about the bomber plane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, in the final stages of World War II.

Many years ago my Dad’s cousin was a volunteer at the Aerospace Museum and he invited me up to see the restoration facility in the basement. While he was showing me around he took a cover off of a huge beautifully restored radial engine. …When I asked him what it was off of he told me it was one of the engines from ENOLA GAY and that they had restored all four for the Smithsonian. When I told him I had no idea they were working on them he told me that they purposely did not publicize it because of the controversy about the plane. They were all proud that they were able to do it but it’s a shame they were not able to take the credit they deserved for the work that they did.

Maren Dougherty works in the park with the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, and lived in the park for 26 days earlier this year, migrating from place to place each night. I figured she’d have seen some interesting stuff in the basements. She passed along this photograph from the basement workshop at the Air and Space Museum.

The Natural History Museum followed up on its mention the other day that it has “basements upon basements.” Several floors underground, the museum houses one of the largest rattlesnake collections in the world, including more than 67,000 fluid-preserved specimens and 3,100 skeletons collected over the past 100 years.

On Twitter, the museum posted this photograph of the collection with herpetology curator Bradford Hollingsworth:

What about you? When have you gone underground at Balboa Park? Leave a comment below or on Facebook.

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