These were the most-read stories for the week of Oct. 10-16.

 Morning Report: Cannibalistic Convention Center

A serious math problem at these schools, a boozy Prohibition scandal, doing it outdoors, Occupy San Diego update and the forever-meeting blues.

 Occupy SD Turns Somber After Death

The festival-like atmosphere of the local movement took a drastic turn Monday after a man fell from a nearby parking structure.

 The Power Went Out and the City Pooped Itself

Are we really just accepting that if power is knocked out, we’ll lose control of the city’s bowels?

 San Diego Schools Chief: ‘Starting Point on the Road to Insolvency’

Officials issue startling warnings. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the district’s money mess.

 Six Major Unanswered Questions in Police Scandal

The City Council will publicly discuss the Police Department’s response to its largest scandal in the last decade Wednesday. Here are six questions police have refused to answer.

 For San Diego’s Broken Roads, Broken Promises Too

After years of neglect, San Diego now has millions to repair decaying streets and crumbling facilities. But the city has missed deadline after deadline and hasn’t shown it knows how to spend the cash.

 Fact Check: High Schools Struggling with Math

Statement: “There are high schools with as low as 5 percent of the students proficient in math,” San Diego Unified school board member John Lee Evans said Sept. 27 at a board meeting. Determination: True.

 Secrets Remain in Baja Water Deal

The Union-Tribune reveals another investor in a proposal to build a seawater desalination plant in Rosarito Beach, but others remain a mystery.

 Fact Check: Murphy’s Comeback Tour Goes Astray

Statement: “You have to understand, Dianne’s testimony took place at a public hearing on the problems with the pension system. The city manager was proposing certain solutions that really weren’t that great. But it was at a public hearing. This was not hidden at all,” former Mayor Dick Murphy, said in an interview on KPBS radio on Oct. 5. Determination: Huckster Propaganda.

 Convention Center Expanders Eye City’s Day-to-Day Money

Backers say they’ll need cash from the city’s general operating budget to help expand the city’s Convention Center, money that otherwise would pay for ailing city services.

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