I’ve been wandering the world recently with a new toy over my shoulder — a small Canon point-and-shoot camera.

While I mostly use this to capture images of friends and family, I’ll spare you, and the photo subjects, from sharing those pictures.

But along the way, I also point my little camera at scenes that grab my attention for some reason.

When my mind is given the time and space to wander — to digress from storytelling for a moment — it often turns to the abstract. I look back and am not entirely sure what drew my eye to a particular scene. These are the moments when I’ve lifted the camera from boredom, restlessness or habit.






I’m a photojournalist at voiceofsandiego.org. You can contact me directly at sam.hodgson@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.550.5664.

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Sam Hodgson

Sam Hodgson is a freelance photojournalist and contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can contact him at samhodgsonphoto@gmail.com...

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