Ever wanted to boss around a photographer, telling them where to go and what to shoot? Well here’s your chance.

On Tuesday I’ll serve for the first time in the role of Peoples’ Photographer.

Here’s how it will work:

Just like the People’s Reporter, I’m soliciting assignments from you and the rest of our readers. Tell me about the eyesore in your community that the rest of San Diego must see. Direct me to the important news that has gone unreported in the county. Think visually. Send me along assignments that are not only great stories, but stories that must be told with a camera.

I’ll filter through the messages for the best visual opportunities and then chronicle them throughout the day.

The photography will all take place on Tuesday, but I’ll be taking suggestions up until then.

Boss me around and let’s document San Diego together.

I’m a photojournalist at voiceofsandiego.org. You can contact me directly at sam.hodgson@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.550.5664.

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Sam Hodgson

Sam Hodgson is a freelance photojournalist and contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can contact him at samhodgsonphoto@gmail.com...

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