Reader Kevin Flynn left this idea in the comments section of my blog yesterday for what to photograph today:

On the downside, I’d like to see photos documenting the crumbling conditions of the sidewalks and streets in my neighborhood, Golden Hill.

On the upside, I’d like to see more photos of the beautiful canyons in the city, especially the ones in the inner city. They are underutilized and under-appreciated jewels and would like to see them get some positive publicity.

So, I set out to photograph both the beautiful shrubbery throughout Switzer Canyon, in North Park, and the cracking streets of Golden Hill.

While photographing the streets, a funny thing occurred to me. These gouges in the city’s infrastructure are little canyons unto themselves.

Just like the rest of our city’s canyons, the city streets even have plants growing in them.

In all my years photographing the city’s crumbling infrastructure, I’d never thought of it this way. I photographed both the canyons of Golden Hill and the canyons of North Park so you could see what I mean.

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Sam Hodgson

Sam Hodgson is a freelance photojournalist and contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can contact him at

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