The following people didn’t put a sock in it in 2011, although some of them really should have. Here are some of the most memorable comments of the year from our pages and elsewhere.


• “My street looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Does that count?”

Michael Holland, a commenter on our site responding to a story about the mayor and city art funding.

My street looks like a Van Gogh, but only because the potholes create a nice “Starry Night” effect.

• “We’d like to be a cheerleader for all that’s good about San Diego.”

— Former radio executive John Lynch, the incoming CEO of the Union-Tribune.

Where on earth are we going to put all these cheerleaders?

• “Hokey and unsophisticated.” — CityBeat, describing Lynch’s remarks.

Um, you CityBeat folks are familiar with San Diego, right?


• “Death is something you don’t recover from.”

— A helpful reminder from John Shirey, head of the California Redevelopment Association, on local agencies locking up funding after the governor proposed killing redevelopment.

• “If you’re tired, it’s dangerous to keep working with a chainsaw.”

Alison Saar, a sculptor-in-residence at Lux Art Institute in Encinitas, telling us about how she creates art.

Just to be safe, I’m bringing a case of Red Bull the next time I drop by.


• “The state will not have enough balls to take over this district. You tell them I said it!”

— School board member Shelia Jackson, saying the district should ignore additional cuts from the state.

• “The two biggest pigs in local faux journalism in a catfight to the death.”

— A Rancho Santa Fe blog in full mixed-metaphor mode on the dust-up between two community newspaper publishers.

They’re also bullish on their futures but dogged by a tendency to put their heads in the sand.


• “I hear Pluto is nice.”

My comment in the Morning Report in response to news that disgraced and imprisoned former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham has a hankering to run again, this time outside California.

Why yes, you do get to include your own witty remarks if you write the Quote of the Year roundup.

• “After it was over, I said ‘You know, I’m not throwing my sucker in the dirt and now just decimating things just to show you that I was right.’”

Mayor Jerry Sanders to the Union-Tribune, complete with earthy analogy, on how he didn’t slash spending on public safety after threatening it may be cut during last year’s election.

So if that’s not a sucker in the dirt, what is … oh dear.

• “Just to clarify, the piece referred specifically to angry lovers of classical music on KPBS as ‘the snoozing, blue-haired, pledge-making La Jolla dragon that guarded the treasure,’ not ‘the La Jolla dragon lady.’”

— A CityBeat note on a letter to the editor regarding KPBS’s decision to abandon on-air classical music.

Way to annoy all those matrons of the arts!

• “That should be rich.”

— U-T columnist Logan Jenkins on a battle-plagued Tri-City Medical Center board member who was ordered to go to a workshop on the Holocaust — and report back — after she accused her colleagues of acting like Nazis.


• “I wish Bill was a little bit more of a son of a bitch. Because you can’t run a fairly dysfunctional organization of this size without sometimes being a son of a bitch.”

— San Diego school board member Scott Barnett on Superintendent Bill Kowba.


• “Honestly, I hear La Mesa is part of San Diego. Not many people know La Mesa is [within] San Diego city.”

— A man in La Mesa who was gathering signatures to force a petition reform initiative onto the ballot in the city of San Diego, according to

Not many people have heard that because it’s not true.


• “‘Some guy from Arizona’ is always a good guess for ‘who started the Apocalypse this time?’”

— The blog on reports that a power worker near Yuma set off September’s giant regional blackout.


• “If I try harder, will you let us stay open? Because I will.”

Luke Cepurac, 9, speaking at a San Diego Unified school board meeting, about his school that could be closed.


• “No other Gumby thefts have been reported in the area.”

• An Associated Press report about an attempted robbery by a suspect dressed as Gumby, paraphrasing a San Diego police detective.

Mr. Bill, however, has knocked over a couple liquor stores and a tattoo parlor.

• A “custom blonde wood cedar interior 20-drawer finish humidifier.”

— The description of a cigar humidor that the downtown redevelopment agency ended up owning and had to sell.

Keep your politician/”custom blonde” jokes to yourself, people. This is a family news website.

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