We’re back with another list of interesting stories for you to check out this weekend; think of these as a mix tape of intriguing stories you shouldn’t miss. (Here’s last week’s list in case you missed it.) Readers, have you read an interesting news article lately about San Diego or related to local issues? Send me a link and it could be featured in my next blog post.

Here are a few picks:

• Kelly Bennett, arts editor, on “Streaming Dreams“:

I read this a few weeks ago but it came to mind again when the news broke this week that the U-T San Diego’s new owners are planning to launch a television station.

“For the past sixty years, TV executives have been making the decisions about what we watch in our living rooms. (Robert) Kyncl would like to change that. Therefore YouTube, the home of grainy cell-phone videos and skateboarding dogs, is going pro. Kyncl has recruited producers, publishers, programmers, and performers from traditional media to create more than a hundred channels, most of which will début in the next six months — a sort of YouTV. Streaming video, delivered over the Internet, is about to engage traditional TV in a skirmish in the looming war for screen time.”

• Liam Dillon, City Hall reporter, on “San Diego Confidential” (pdf):

This book by Peter Navarro, a former candidate for San Diego mayor, City Council, supervisor and Congress. It’s amazing how many of the political players mentioned in this book are still around 15 years later.

• Reporter Keegan Kyle tweeted about “Gang bust gives rare glimpse of Mexican Mafia’s grip on North County“:


Been waiting for someone to write this. What a big gang bust says about La Eme’s presence in San Diego: goo.gl/x9EB0 via @nctimes

— keegankyle (@keegankyle) February 2, 2012

• Sandy Coronilla, investigative intern, on “The Dilemma of Being a Cyborg“:

It’s about our society’s increasing reliance on technology as a way of retaining information. Think cell phones. The topics of benefits and drawbacks of advances in technology came up in a journalism class I’m taking at San Diego State University this week. We’re developing a mobile news app with grant assistance from the Knight Foundation. My professor shared this link and I think it accurately sums up some concerns that society is growing increasingly dependent upon our, say, cell phones to the point that we begin to question whether they are in fact appendages. Yet for journalists, keeping up with technological advances is crucial to the survival of our profession.

• Me on “Budget Dreams and Dangers of Facebook’s IPO“:

Given California’s perennial budget deficits, I was interested to read KQED’s initial look at what Facebook’s big business decision could mean for the state’s finances.

• Reader Heidi Dowd on “Reckless Endangerment“:

I would highly recommend reading Reckless Endangerment by Gretchen Morgensen. She has hit the nail on the head with the government’s involvement with the mortgage crisis.

Very well written.

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Dagny Salas

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