Lots of people are talking about Doug Manchester’s plan — supported by his newly acquired U-T San Diego newspaper — to bulldoze the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal and replace it with a waterfront stadium. Rather than let others filter what you hear about this topic, why not listen for yourself?

You can listen to the entire hearing (the Board of Port Commissioners monthly meeting on Feb. 14) right now by clicking this link. The independent auditor report on port finances is heard at 34:30 (34 minutes, 30 seconds after meeting begins); the staff report on the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal begins at 46:30, and the public testimony begins at 1:10:30 — it lasts until 2:17:00. Interesting, 77 minutes of public testimony but not a single person speaking in favor of bulldozing the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal.

Following the public comments, each of the commissioners shares some thoughts that some readers may find interesting.

Bob Nelson represents the city of San Diego on the commission of the port of San Diego.

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