Don’t miss out on the interesting discussions our readers are having in the comments sections of our stories and commentaries. Here are five comments from the week:

Cara Schmidt on “When Juvenile Crime Happens in San Diego“:

… I am going to have a BIG problem if when my children are older and responsible enough to walk or bike to places on their own, my husband and I have to drop our work and go traipsing off to the police station again to pick up our kids who were on their way to and from music lessons, co-op study sessions, etc., WITH OUR PERMISSION. Incident after incident has shown that these daytime curfews detain children first and ask questions later. My children should not have to be shut up inside our home or yard simply because public school is in session. It is our right in this country to provide private schooling that chooses hours outside of the government schools’ schedules. It is very unwise to take away from responsible citizens’ freedoms just to try and prevent problem citizens from causing more problems. Truancy needs to be dealt with by the school administration in cooperation with parents, and truancy officers should be asked for help with specific cases where the problem child has been identified.

Sherry Luster on “How Drug Dealers Help Nonprofits: Fact Check“:

I think it is a fabulous ideal, the drug money is accumulated in the community therefore; I believe that money or at least a portion of those funds should be used toward non-profit organizations, It is so easy to look at it half empty, what about looking at it as the glass being half full. It is so easy to criticize but when you can’t change the situation then you have to improvise, and make the best out of the situation.

Bob Jones on “Letter: What Will Public Employees’ Fate Be?“:

Retiring employees of the City of San Diego who are NOT vested in the Social Security program DO NOT gain access to it after retirement. I retired with over 30 years service and have never had access to this program. I wish it was attainable.

Omar Passons on “Mayor of Dissolving City“:

… It is already hard to get 2 million people to agree to do anything (other than, apparently, fund a stadium), if it is easier for North Park to ignore Little Italy or Clairemont to ignore Linda Vista then it becomes that much more challenging to improve our quality of life or economy as a city or a region. Neighborhood level control and a role for non-profits in supporting communities is important. But if the scale tips too far it becomes very hard to pay for and monitor those issues we share in common.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to our Liam Dillon on “City Attorney Wants to Reveal Secrets, But Won’t“:

Liam, as I read the above, you’re not suggesting production of records under your Public Records Act request that would show the breakdown per hotel, but just information as to the aggregate vote total. We’ll run that by the Treasurer’s office and outside tax counsel as to whether taxpayer information would be disclosed by doing that.

Laws requiring governments to protect the confidentiality of taxpayers’ information are important to all of us. The reason is that taxpayers are compelled to provide government with this information.

If there is a way to get this aggregate vote information to you without disclosing taxpayer information, we’re happy to do it.

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