If candidates got their wish, every endorsement flung in their direction would be simple and straightforward: This person is great! Vote for him/her!

Things haven’t worked out quite that way during this election season. Local politicians have gotten some quirky endorsements, ranging from lukewarm to chilly and even borderline irrelevant.

Here’s a look at some of the most memorable endorsements, quasi-endorsements and non-endorsements in the San Diego races.

Legislators Are Godawful. Wait, Did I Say That? Um, Vote Carl!

Roger Hedgecock, the former mayor and current national talk-show host, isn’t a fan of legislators. They “do not make good candidates for an executive position whether you’re talking about mayor, governor or president,” he wrote back in January.

OK, so whom does he support for mayor? Definitely not the congressman, we’re betting. Not the councilman or the assemblyman, since they’re legislators too. That leaves the district attorney, who got… no love from Hedgecock.

He endorsed Carl DeMaio instead. The councilman. You know, the one who legislates.

We asked Hedgecock: Hey, what’s the deal? “Gotcha question,” Hedgecock replied. “I love it.”

We followed up with another one: Hey, what about Hedgecock’s serving as a kind of legislator himself before he became mayor? “That’s a good one, too.”

Vote for the Cranky One Who’s Hard to Work for

San Diego CityBeat flirted with a mayoral endorsement for independent Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, but ended up throwing its support behind the sole Democrat, Bob Filner.

The paper was, to put it mildly, not overcome with Filner-mentum.

“Under Filner, the Mayor’s office would probably be Gaffe Central,” CityBeat warns. There’s more: he “can be cantankerous and overbearing and has a reputation for creating a work environment that’s not always pleasant.”

There’s even more: “Meanwhile, with Filner — how shall we put this? — the threat level for scandal of varying sorts is at least orange. Color us concerned.”

Lucky for the congressman, the endorsement’s tone doesn’t get any more progressively worse for him. Ultimately, CityBeat declares, “we’re going with the clear progressive in the race” — Filner.

Thanks for Your Money, Mitt, Now Scram

Fletcher took $500 from Mitt Romney, the part-time La Jolla resident, for his mayoral campaign. So did Fletcher endorse the Republican for president?

Nah. He passed when asked about his presidential preferences at a May debate.

“Well, fortunately when you go independent you’re shut out of a lot of the primary process,” Fletcher said. “So we’ll have to wait for the general.”

Um … you can still say whom you support even if you’re not going to vote. And shouldn’t an independent — theoretically — be able to have more freedom to say his or her mind than some partisan party hack?

Guess we won’t know for a while, if ever.

I Like Him, I Really Like Him a Lot, But…

Gov. Jerry Brown is a fan of Fletcher. A big fan. Maybe even a superfan, the kind of guy who would wave around one of those big foam #1 fingers at a Fletcher rally.

“In the face of partisan pressures, he maintains his independence and calls it like he sees it,” Brown declared last week.

Funny thing: Brown is a Democrat, and he didn’t bother to say anything nice about Rep. Bob Filner, the only major Dem in the mayor’s race. Another funny thing: Brown’s office says this isn’t an endorsement, just an observation. You know, the kind that comes the week before an election.

Who’s Next with an Endorsement, the King of Spain?

There are approximately 6.839 billion people who don’t live in San Diego or have anything to do with our fair city. One of them is Michael Bloomberg, the independent mayor of New York City who’s currently facing barbs over his decision to ban large soft drinks.

Yet Bloomberg felt the need to endorse Nathan Fletcher for mayor of San Diego, calling him a “a strong, independent leader” who “will fight the status quo and make decisions based on the merits and not political consequences.”

OK fine, but whom does Bloomberg endorse for the Lemon Grove City Council or the San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District board? We need guidance out here!

You Can’t Tell the Endorsements Without a Program

The U-T has the play-by-play on local Democratic infighting: Filner endorsed former Scott Peters for Congress, but Peters didn’t return the favor. Congressional candidate Lori Saldaña, who’s running against Peters, did endorse Filner, but not until after her campaign ripped him.

I’ve got an endorsement — for group therapy.

I’m with the Jerk

A man named Jim Jones fills our comment section with regular remarks about education and politics. Last week, he weighed in on the election with some thoughts about DeMaio’s bid: “Carl is the least likeable of the candidates, and the one with the most enemies…”

Oh do go on, Mr. Jones.

“… but that is because he is who we need the most. He may win and fail, but if that happens we won’t be any worse off than we would with the other two Republicans (including the one who is pretending not to be a Republican), and we will be a heck of a lot better off than if we elect Filner.”

DeMaio is the one we need the most? Huh. Here’s something that’s even more certain: With this kind of talk, Jones is the kind of supporter DeMaio needs the least.

Did we miss one? Jump into the comments section below and add yours.

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Randy Dotinga

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