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Sam Ward on “Misreading the Electoral Tea Leaves from the June Primary“:

Jump forward to 2012: In all likelihood, neither of the presidential campaigns will spend heavily in San Diego because President Obama won California about twenty years ago. The Senate race will not drive Republican turnout because the Republican candidate has no hope of winning. None. Zip. There are no propositions on the ballot that are tailor made to turnout conservative voters (like Prop. 8). The state Republican party has to focus its limited resources on holding a few close Senate and Assembly races, most of which aren’t in San Diego. All of these factors will serve to depress Republican turnout in the general election where most exciting race may be the Mayor’s race.

Sal D’Anna on “How San Diego Elected a ‘Birther’ Judge“:

There is a simple answer to this issue is that some people vote for judges based on the candidates’ former employment. Not everyone likes the idea of having a former prosecutor becoming a judge. The fact is that most judges are former prosecutors, who consciously or unconsciously may bring their bias, preconceived determinations and baggage to the bench. …

These voters probably never even looked at the name of the candidate as it was irrelevant. The idea that Kreep got elected because of his name is simply preposterous. He got elected because he was not a former prosecutor.

Richard Ross on “Where Are They Now? ‘Wings,’ ‘Kiss,’ Library Art“:

As one who was around during WWII and recall the photo of “the Kiss” in major newspapers I applaud that the statue is being replaced hopefully with one of the same size and coloring. The number of times I have been down there it is a major tourist attraction. The ones that object to it probably like that claptrap passed off as contemporary modern art that abounds on our waterfront. I don’t see tourists swarming about it.

As for the Wings they remind me of a leaning tower of “pizza” ready to fall into the bay at the first rumbling of an earthquake in that prone zone.

Charles Adair on “Balboa Park Could Be Even Greater if Jacobs Plan Implemented“:

Where was the outcry from the citizens of San Diego asking for this plan? This is an example of one man trying to impose his personal vision on a park that was created for the citizens of San Diego. Forcing paid parking and bond measures on the citizens of San Diego for one individual’s “pet project” would be unfair. This project should be put on a ballot for the citizens of San Diego to accept or reject.

Angela Garza on “In Landslide, City Teachers Approve Deal to Restore Jobs“:

The members who voted “yes” were fooled under the guise they were doing what is best for students. It does not make sense to make 8,000 people suffer to potentially save 1,600 (and that is not even a sure thing). This is nothing personal against laid off teachers a lot are my friends and I love them dearly. We just sent a message to the district and tax payers of SD we are willing to work hard for peanuts as long as you threaten to layoff teachers.

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