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We heard from a great cross-section of people who came to our arts and culture event Wednesday about what stuck with them and what they’d be checking out. Next we put the same questions to our speakers — how will they keep this cross-pollination effort going? Here are their thoughts:

Lauren Popp, Golden Hill

What is sticking with you?

I was most excited to learn about the tremendous impact that the Community Opus Project is having in Chula Vista. It makes me hopeful that despite the fact that music education is being cut from our schools, organizations like the Youth Symphony are stepping up to fill that gap.

Javier Velasco, Chula Vista

What is sticking with you?

I frequently work at the theaters downtown, so the Horton Plaza parking lot is nothing new to me. Having seen the occasional Seaport Village fireworks display from the top of the parking garage, I have often thought it would be an interesting site for an event. So it was nice to see the space transformed into something more than just a place to leave your car.

What might you go check out?

Well, I am actually going to Florence in a week, so maybe I’ll try to sneak into the Hall of the 500 and sneak past the guards to look through a 20 millimeter hole to peek at a piece of the Battle of Anghiari. Unless, of course, Alexandra would like to get me in through the back door. 🙂


Anna Daniels, Teralta East in City Heights

What idea is sticking with you?

Lots stuck! a) I was utterly charmed by Jory Herman. Both he and his beautiful giant instrument glowed with a passionate virtuosity.

b) The nerd in me went completely gaga over the fact that the same endoscopes used to delicately probe the torn ligaments in a bum knee have been re-purposed for ferreting out hidden art. I would love to spend time with Alexandra in her lab.

c) The full moon, looking like a silver pink newly minted coin tossed upward from the jangling purse of the city skyline.

What might you go check out?

I now have a more comprehensive mental map of the artist-invented spaces around time, so Lauren’s presentation stuck, too. I’m particularly more aware of the ones in close-by North Park. I’ve got my eyes open!


Marty Poirier, Little Italy

What idea is sticking with you?

Alternative art space, respect for others and generosity of spirit in all presenters, Jory as champion for music education. Generally more proud to be a San Diegan when you see all the great, diverse cultural venues.

What might you go check out?

Moxie, art space

What had you never heard of?

Jory and Opus

Jory Herman, Hillcrest

What idea is sticking with you?

I have high respect for what visual artists are doing, and this city is bubbling with great energy. I’m definitely going to seek out more of the artist-driven spaces that Lauren Popp was speaking about. Also, was enlightened with Anna Daniel’s topic of the genius of Steve Schick. I can’t wait to check out what visionary works he’s able to introduce to the San Diego audience.

Alexandra Hubenko, Carmel Valley

What idea is sticking with you?

I loved Jory Herman’s project in Chula Vista — it’s so great to see kids excited about classical music.

What might you go check out?

More music — both at the San Diego Symphony and La Jolla.

What had you never heard of?

A lot of the galleries on Lauren Popp’s “tour” — there’s so much in San Diego!

Our speakers weren’t the only ones reflecting Thursday on the event and what they want to check out. Here are a few reactions. From Facebook:

Betsy Harman: “I enjoyed everything about last night–the rooftop, the view, the speakers. In particular, I loved hearing about all of the spaces for art around San Diego. Looking forward to checking out Art Produce!”

Katie Lynn: “I am inspired to check out music programs and the SD Youth Symphony for my 8yr old niece. Great program tonight! I love events that open up my world and help me to realize the diverse and wonderful programs/events/people that work to make San Diego an interesting place to live.”

And from Twitter:

Somehow a parking garage got cool. instagr.am/p/Nz3JFKpus4/

— Andrew Donohue (@AndrewDonohue) August 2, 2012

Great night @ #mindsmeet ! Who knew Horton Plaza parking could be the scene of something other thn couples screaming “the car is this way!”

— alex zaragoza(@raptorhands) August 2, 2012

#mindsmeetlooking forward to Irwin pieces at new fed courthouse. nice work arranging last night’s full moon.

— Tegan Glasheen (@teganglasheen) August 2, 2012

Thanks to @voiceofsandiego for giving local and international voice to our community #mindsmeet twitter.com/MHQuarterly/st…

— Manor House Quaterly (@MHQuarterly) August 2, 2012

Finally learned what that “art produce” parking lot is! #mindsmeet is completely changing my parking lot world.

— Lauren Steussy (@LaurenSteussy) August 2, 2012

@voiceofsandiego puts on a great event! My mind expanding, thirst quenched with delicious beer,& outdoors on a beautiful night #mindsmeet

— Whitney Roux (@WhizzforShizz) August 2, 2012

And on our site, reader Jim Neri chimed in:

What struck me was the diversity of contributions that artists are making locally and globally and the casually sophisticated atmosphere of the event.

Thanks, everyone, for coming and for sharing your reactions. We’ll have videos for you in a few days. Meanwhile, do you have any ideas on who’d make a great speaker or what would be a good topic for a future event? Leave us a note below.

I’m Kelly Bennett, Voice of San Diego arts editor. You can reach me directly at kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.325.0531.

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Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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