Regarding the lily pond flap, mayoral candidate Bob Filner may have overstated his case in pointing fingers at his opponent’s partner over culpability in the Balboa Park fiasco. This is predicated solely on media accounts absent of private information.

Mr. Filner, as all politicians, is a self-directed man fearless of social disapprobation. Not all self-directed men are politicians, however. We ought not judge Mr. Filner’s actions for we know not of his intentions. I do know one thing however. While my beloved father lay hapless in a local nursing home, it was Bob Filner who fought for his World War II pension. When my home was on the brink of foreclosure, it again was Mr. Filner who saved the roof on my head. Mr. Filner has the heart and courage of a lion.

Daniel J. Smiechowski lives in Bay Ho.

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