The mayor’s race, fact checks and Balboa Park history generated discussion in the comments this week, and we’ve highlighted some of them below for you to sample. (Not registered to comment? Sign up now).

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Steve Miller on “5 Things the Candidates Aren’t Telling You About Football“:

I totally agree the taxpayers should not be building work places for millionaire players and their owners. No taxpayer built the company I work for an office building. But, perhaps in these more austere times, the teams can find ways to use private financing. For instance, the Bloomberg article referenced in today’s Morning Report says that the NY Giants/Jets stadium was built with private financing.

That’s 2 teams combining to built one stadium. The $936M estimated value of the Chargers is hugely more than the $70M the Spanos family paid so clearly there is considerable equity build that the team could use — especially since a new stadium has naming rights and causes an immediate pop in the value of the team.

Finally, as a SD city taxpayer, I am very weary of footing the bill for a resource enjoyed by fans throughout the county. We’ve already been screwed many times by the Chargers and the politicians they bought — I recall the ticket guarantee deal all too well.

James Snook on “When the Golden Arches Loomed Over Balboa Park“:

Yeah but you got to take it into context – this was before “Supersize Me”, national coverage of the obesity epidemic, calorie/nutritional information being published on the menu/wall, and so many adults with type II diabetes that maintenance of the condition dominates whole aisles at the pharmacy. Healthy choices were considered ordering a Tab cola alongside your jumbo burger and sack of fries, or smoking lites.

Gregory Hay on “San Diego’s Leading Accidental Killer: Fact Check“:

They talk about how traffic fatalities have dropped by more than a third since the early 1970s, and attribute that to car safety improvements. But that’s a long-term view.

In the short-term, what caused the drop since 2007? It would be interesting to see how closely it relates to the jumping of gas prices here, as others have suggested.

Bob Spaulding on “Tax Hike Failed, But Public Safety Didn’t: Reality Check“:

The public is waking up to the scaremongering practiced by politicians and their union supporters whenever tax issues are put on the ballot. That tendency is now happening statewide in the attempt to raise California’s already high taxes this November. The more the voters learn about the realities of CA’s spending and taxes, the better.

Californians are not undertaxed. Our problem is on the spending side.

Ron Hidinger on “What Bob Filner Did In Washington D.C.“:

Filner is the only Democrat I’ve voted for. He earned it by standing up to the good ol’ boys’ (and Mrs. Copley) plan to expand Brown Field. Although, in typical Filner fashion it took him a while to evolve his position. NIMBY for sure, but I doubt my new rep, Davis, even knows where Brown Field is.

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