Our speakers for last week’s “Meeting of the Minds” included a radio reporter, a city planner, a costume designer, a photojournalist and an all-around arts maven. Some told stories about their day jobs, others shared their intriguing side projects.

Catch up with the videos below of what they shared using the rapid-fire, pecha-kucha style. Each had 20 slides that were displayed for 20 seconds each.

Susanna Peredo has worked all over town in local arts organizations and just launched a new website to round up compelling arts events.

Peredo told the story of what ARTS: A Reason to Survive does to connect troubled kids with art training and support — work that helped propel a film about one of the group’s kids, “Inocente,” to an Academy Award.

Don Bartletti won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003 in feature photography and is a photojournalist for the Los Angeles Times.

Bartletti lives in Vista and is fascinated by international migration. He unraveled a compelling story of a northbound trek.

Denitsa Bliznakova is a costume designer who’s worked in film, theater, music videos and opera. She’s designed a number of recent productions at The Old Globe and leads the costume design program at San Diego State University.

Bliznakova led us through her process of researching and costuming a large production — San Diego Opera’s upcoming “Murder in the Cathedral.”

KPBS/Fronteras Desk reporter Adrian Florido brought some friends along — Eduardo Garcia, Francisco Mayer Ochoa, Cynthia Cox and Roxana Guajardo — to help explain his love of a southern Mexican folk music style called son jarocho.

Florido played a small, eight-string guitar-like instrument central to the music and described the community the music is fostering on both sides of the border, despite its roots much farther south.

Michael Prinz is fascinated with coffee and roasting and has been closely watching San Diego’s coffee scene percolate as a consumer over the last several years.

Prinz works as a city planner and showed us the five spots in San Diego he trusts to brew him the best cup.

Update: Michael Prinz notes that he misspoke in his presentation. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is in La Jolla, not Los Angeles.

⋄ ⋄ ⋄

One attendee, Jason Alderman, later tweeted some drawings he made of the speakers during their presentations. Check out his sketches:

Click to enlarge.

What’s sticking with you from these talks? What new ideas have you had? Keep the conversation going below.

All videos and photos by Sam Hodgson.

I’m Kelly Bennett, reporter for Voice of San Diego. You can reach me directly at kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.325.0531.

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Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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