Fans were told that U-T San Diego doesn’t allow its sportswriters to appearing on The Mighty 1090 AM. This follows a back-and-forth war started with a U-T piece critical of the station’s management and a fierce response by Marty Caswell, producer of the Darren Smith show.

Doug Manchester, owner of the U-T, created a dangerous atmosphere when he purchased, and subsequently disassembled, the North County Times newspaper. Now, with the U-T’s sports section and The Mighty feuding with each other, the fans will get less exposure to experts and the sportswriters will get less exposure for their articles. That seems like a lose-lose situation for everyone.

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We Still Don’t Know Who the 2013 Padres Are

• Yasmani Grandal’s 50-game suspension for a failed drug test is over, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the San Diego Padres. Grandal took over as the team’s starting catcher for game 51 and helped lead the team to consecutive wins over the Seattle Mariners before taking a day off on Thursday in a loss. You can probably put all your money on Grandal being back in the lineup on Friday.

• Lonnie Brownell is keeping track of homeruns at Petco Park this season, specifically ones that would not have been homeruns before the outfield fences were moved in this past offseason. It looks like moving the fences has actually hurt the Padres so far this year, but I think they’ve made games more exciting for the fans. Win-win?

• If you’re wondering why Dick Enberg hasn’t been on the Padres’ TV broadcasts recently, it was for a planned absence originally, but now because he’s dealing with a “serious family medical issue”.

• Everth Cabrera, Padres shortstop, is currently having a standout season. Bryant from Padres Public does a great job of trying to figure out if Cabrera could be this good for an extended period of time or if Padres fans should start waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even if he turns back into a mediocre hitter at some point, his defense alone is enough to make him a major leaguer for a long time.

Staying Sane During the NFL Offseason

• The NFL’s offseason doldrums are in full swing, but fans can rest easy knowing that this down time will be shorter after the league announced that it is moving the NFL Draft back two weeks. That’s two more weeks of mock drafts and prognostications, and two more weeks where there’s actual NFL news going on.

• Speaking of the NFL Draft, Kevin Acee co-hosted 1360 AM’s morning show this week and scared some San Diego Chargers fans by saying that some are worried about 2013 first round draft pick D.J. Fluker and wonder about a move inside to guard.

• Kyle Posey watched plays in the 2012 Denver Broncos offense to figure out Mike McCoy’s offensive philosophy. What he came away with: four plays that McCoy called often. Posey he profiled them to show how effective they were and why. It looks like there is going to be a huge shift in offensive philosophies from what Norv Turner ran in San Diego, which means everyone gets a fresh start in 2013.

Stories You May Have Missed

• Beau Lynott explains why now is a good time to be a San Diego sports fan, with the Tijuana Xolos, San Diego State University Aztecs and University of San Diego Toreros all playing playoff games. Unfortunately, the Xolos were eliminated from the Copa Libertadores playoff Thursday night, but the Aztecs and Toreros could face each other in Los Angeles NCAA regionals.

• Robert Coello, a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, has been dominating hitters with a pitch that hasn’t been thrown in a long time. Cool pitch, but it needs a better name than “WTF.”

• GIF of the Week: Club America’s Miguel Herrera was quite happy to win the Liga MX championship. So happy, in fact, that his hair caught on fire.
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John Gennaro

I'm John Gennaro, contributor to Active Voice and managing editor of Bolts from the Blue. You can tweet me @john_gennaro...

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