These were the most-read stories for the week of June 29-July 5.

1. The Other Developer Donation

2. Mayor’s Former Aide Describes a Humiliating Work Environment

3. City Attorney’s National Embarrassment Ends in a Solid Fail

4. Departed Mayoral Aide Stands by Sunroad Deal, Says Mayor Guided It

5. How a Slam-Dunk Pension Vote Fell to Pieces

6. Centrepoint Deal Left Goldsmith ‘Disgusted,’ Neighbors Reassured

7. Morning Report: Mayor’s Former Aide Talks Sunroad, Staff Departures

8. Morning Report: Inside Pension Debacle; Goldsmith’s Bungle

9. Why S.D. Unified Might Avoid Hot Water Over Pool Construction

10. The Vanishing Budget Savings

Sara Libby

Sara Libby was VOSD’s managing editor until 2021. She oversaw VOSD’s newsroom and content.

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