Miss CicloSDias or just want to relive it? Speak City Heights and Media Arts Center San Diego video journalist Brian Myers offers this time-lapse video of his ride from City Heights to Logan Heights.

Video by Brian Myers

More than five miles along Wightman, Landis and 30th streets were closed to cars Sunday, allowing residents to take to the streets on bikes, skateboards and feet. The inaugural open-street event was modeled after similar events throughout the nation, feeding a movement to reduce dependence on cars and build streets that encourage more active modes of transportation.

Organizers, including representatives from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, Move SD and the City Heights Community Development Corporation, said they hope to host the event annually and in other parts of the county. Lead organizer Ed Clancy told Voice of San Diego’s Andy Keatts Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach could be next.

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Megan Burks

Megan Burks is a reporter for Speak City Heights, a media project of Voice of San Diego, KPBS, Media Arts Center and The AjA Project. You can contact her...

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