Morning Report: SeaWorld Responds to ‘Blackfish,’ Denies It’s Responding to ‘Blackfish’

How it's possible for San Diego to rank all over the map on business surveys, the link between teacher tenure and school discipline and two business leaders tell other business leaders to drop the minimum wage fight.

Two Big City Issues in Need of a Decider

Minimum wage increases and the Convention Center mess provide Mayor Kevin Faulconer with two big opportunities to frame the debate, drive media attention and lead. How will he do it?

Taxi-Turned-Uber Drivers Get a New Lease on Life

Official efforts to reform the taxi industry and respond to drivers' concerns have been slow-going. But Uber is ushering in change quickly, and taxi drivers are fleeing their costly leases to drive for the app instead.

Businessman to Businesses: Let the Wage Hike Stand

Mel Katz joined us on the podcast this week to talk about who benefits from a minimum wage increase and why businesses with the power to stall the measure should step down.

The Catch-22 of San Diego’s Tourism Economy

San Diego County has seen its most significant job growth since the recession in the last two years, but a big part of that is from part-time or low-paying roles. SANDAG's chief economist says "we're a little bit of a victim of our own success."


Where the Good Jobs Are

California and San Diego have managed to generate quality jobs — with some caveats. But how are we defining quality job growth? Let's look to the data.

Morning Report: Meet the New Teachers Union Honcho

How the police department's demographics stack up against the city's, what's next for the Convention Center and the campaign to force voters to weigh in on the minimum wage kicks off.

San Diego Explained: Where the Tax to Boost the Convention Center Went Wrong

On this week's San Diego Explained, VOSD's Scott Lewis explains just what went wrong with the Convention Center's expansion tax and why it won't be paying for the Center's remodel.

San Diego’s Police Force Mirrors Some Parts of the Community Better Than Others

San Diego's police force has smaller percentages of Asian and Latino officers than the community at large, but police have said they're trying to change that.

A New Face and Old Battle Lines for Local Schools

Lindsay Burningham, the new president of the San Diego Education Association, is seen as more moderate and likely to compromise than some members of the union's more aggressive faction. But she's also holding strong to the kinds of teacher protections that have rankled reformers for years.