Lincoln High’s Polarizing Principal Bows Out

Esther Omogbehin will be placed on paid administrative leave while the district decides her fate. Her legacy at Lincoln? It's complicated.

School District Puts Teacher Evaluations on the Table

The initial contract proposal the district sent to the teachers union this week seeks to reboot its system for evaluating teachers.

The Height of Trolley Tensions

The city doesn't just want to expand the trolley, it wants to make new stations home to more housing units and storefronts to spur ridership – and it might tweak the height limit to make it happen. But residents who live near the planned stations aren't on board.

San Diego’s Homelessness Population Is Shrinking – Slowly

San Diego still has by far the highest number of homeless people among cities in the county. But long-term data shows the city's efforts to provide shelter and aid might be paying off.

Tijuana Violence Ticks Up, But Don’t Blame Cartels

In a Q-and-A, David Shirk, director of USD's Mexico Justice Project and co-author of a new report on drug violence, talks about the effects of violence on ordinary residents of Tijuana and why the mayhem hasn't crossed over to the American side of the border.

SANDAG Teases Its Big Ballot Measure – Again

To hold to its self-imposed deadline, SANDAG must ask voters to help pay for its massive to-do list, which includes things like shoreline preservation and monitoring water quality. If SANDAG pushes the deadline out a few more years, it wouldn't be the first time.

Getting Answers Straight From the Whale’s Mouth

The first week of June, we're getting together the experts - including a representative from SeaWorld - to talk through the park's regional impact and what "Blackfish" means for San Diego's future.

Morning Report: No Room for New Companies

Lorie Zapf isn't the only one on the Council who takes a car allowance, San Diego's Uber trips mapped and what Chula Vista PD gets wrong about records requests.

New Tech Companies, Old Buildings and the Downtown Space Jam

Class A office space has suddenly become a limited commodity throughout the city's urban core. A project on the frontier of East Village gentrification, the IDEA District, promises to solve a lot of this. But it needs tenants before it can get off the ground.

Where Uber Dominates in San Diego

The taxi alternative published maps of where people are using the service in the 100 cities where it operates. The maps reveal a lot about the socioeconomics of our city.