The Push for a Harassment-Free Comic-Con

Women who spend hours on costumes for Comic-Con often have much different experiences at the convention than men. A group of women wants Comic-Con to create a detailed harassment policy – and to make sure convention-goers know it exists.

What San Diego CEOs Say As They Leave Town – Or Threaten To

Business leaders who've left San Diego behind have cited utility issues, housing costs and often, the benefits of a more central location, as they packed up for other states.

Businesses Bailing on San Diego: Required Reading

Read these stories to get up to speed on our region's business climate and what the city and state are doing to keep companies here.

Ocean Beach Isn’t Fighting About Density

It's fighting about how big homes can be.

Here’s Where MTS Says You Have First Amendment Rights – and Where You Don’t

Last week, the region's transit agency put in writing a policy that restricts where people can demonstrate, picket, hand out pamphlets and do other First Amendment-y things.

Morning Report: Mexican Moneyman Gives His Side

SD businesses often leave town but don't go far, Chula Vistans want more than they're getting, paper wants probation chief out in child abuse scandal, and confusing street signs get rebuke.

The State That Lands the Most Departing SD Businesses? That’d Be California.

Companies that ditch San Diego for other states get lots of ink but most local businesses that move stay nearby – or at least in California.

Chula Vista Residents to City Leaders: Show Us the Money

Any time we gather a group of residents and ask them what matters to them, the results are remarkably consistent: Streets. Parks. The money to pay for those things. And that's what residents brought up Tuesday night at our Let's Talk Chula Vista event.

Fact Check: San Diego’s Share of Veterans

Veterans Village San Diego CEO Phil Landis said San Diego has the third-largest concentration of veterans.

Morning Report: The New Civic SD Chief’s Old Fail

Police 'audit' isn't an audit, congresswoman pushes summertime food stamps, airport art maven to take flight, governor hates the border wait and local buildings get thumbs up (or down).