Police Review Boards Walk a Fine Line

Whether it’s a commission, ombudsman or court-ordered monitor, any model of oversight for police departments can be effective as long as the community maintains the political will to make it so.

Mission Valley Keeps Getting More Roads – and More Traffic

As more people call Mission Valley home, it faces a crossroads: Will it become a livable neighborhood, or will it continue to be a throughway between the sprawled-out areas in San Diego?

The Darling of San Diego Solar Manufacturing Is on Its Death Bed

Soitec, a solar panel manufacturer that's benefited from significant public investments, is flailing just three years after its splashy arrival in San Diego.

‘We’re Being Punished for Not Selling Alcohol’

Chuck Patton's Bird Rock Coffee Roasters will soon open a third location and has become a recognized name in micro-roasting. But Patton said that's no thanks to a city that rolls out the red carpet for craft beer brewers and few others.

The Great Uncertainty Facing California Businesses

CEQA, the state's premier environmental law, allows outsiders to wade into developments. That's a big part of why it's one of the biggest headaches for San Diego businesses.

CEQA Can Be a Convenient Weapon

The California Environmental Quality Act has become a tool for groups to delay or kill a project – even if their beef doesn't have anything to do with the environment.


Yes, CEQA Reform Is Possible

If we care about our open space, wildlife, water quality or air, we should be making the California Environmental Quality Act stronger, not weaker.

Morning Report: And the Voice of the Year Is…

From councilmembers and protesters to a legislator, an ex-mayor and a woman called Jane Doe, we spotlight 2014's most influential people in San Diego.

The Unpopular Consequences of Raising the Minimum Wage

Jeffrey Clemens, an economics assistant professor at UCSD, was on the show this week to talk through the impacts he saw in other states that raised the minimum wage. Plus, Geoff Page from Padres Public weighs in on the stellar new players joining the Padres.

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Morning Report: Soitec, Kaput?

Conflicting pictures emerge of San Diego's economy, we talked with the head of the citizen's review board, separating real CEQA complaints from the project-killers and what we learned this week.