Why the Rebel Heart Naysayers Reveal More About Themselves Than the Kaufman Family

The online watchdogs of austerity would have this family of Americans, including a former service member, billed for their own rescue by services that are always on standby for these exact situations.


We Can’t Pave Our Way to Efficient Transit

Our region’s elected officials continue to support a “freeways-first” transportation plan. Why aren't we adopting a “transit first” policy when surveys show most of us want a working transit system?

SeaWorld’s Tentacles of Influence

SeaWorld donates significant cash to San Diego-area politicians and serves on several high-profile local boards.

School Foundations’ Haul: $6.5 Million

Parent fundraising groups are pumping a lot of money into San Diego Unified schools, but because the district doesn’t track these nonprofits, we haven’t been able to say how much – until now.

Reality Check: Mid-City Rapid vs. the Clock

The idea that the new Mid-City Rapid doesn't really save a meaningful amount of time comes up often. Here's how much travel time the project actually saves, and how relevant those time savings might be.


5 Myths About the Opera

In reporting on the San Diego Opera's looming closure, news outlets around the city have come to spread a few myths as facts.

Culture Report: The Closing of the Ken

Another big blow to the arts community this week, what to snag at the Spring Valley Swap Meet, Record Store Day and more in our weekly culture roundup.

The Difference Between Incubators and Accelerators

The key distinction is what happens at the end of the process and what you and your company walk away with.

Morning Report: The Budget’s Winners and Losers

Proposed city budget unveiled, U-T gives boost to political allies, Ken Cinema's down for the count and local burrito gets national cred.

RIP City Lab, We Hardly Knew Ye

Mayor Kevin Faulconer's budget proposal would kill off the mini-department created to identify and solve problems in the city. There's still time for someone to fight to save it, but no candidates have emerged yet.