The City Puts Its Showdown With the State on Pause

The City Council, city attorney, state representatives and the mayor's office figured out a way to temporarily end a conflict between state and local law that threatened to close the tap to hundreds of millions of dollars in state money for local construction projects.

File photo by Jamie Scott Lytle

A Relentless Campaigner – for Better or Worse

School board president Kevin Beiser has racked up an absurd amount of campaign funds, and a wide, diverse group of supporters who praise his responsiveness. But there's evidence his tireless campaigning bumps up against his classroom duties.

Tijuana’s Winning Streak

Last year, Filner's binational Olympics bid was nearly laughed out of the room before it fizzled with his exit from office. But even without going through with the bid, we seem to have come to the collaborative place with Tijuana Filner was promoting all along.

The Standoff Over Prop. A Threatens a Big Water Compromise

A conflict between city and state laws could deprive the city of millions in state funding for city construction projects and threaten an emerging solution to the city's water future.

Exploring Tijuana’s Cultural Scene and More at Meeting of the Minds

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, we will introduce folks to the exciting things happening in Tijuana at our border-centric installment of Meeting of the Minds.

Ex-Staffers: DeMaio Can Be Demanding and Demeaning But They Saw No Sexual Harassment

Several former staffers of congressional candidate Carl DeMaio said they'd ever seen or heard of him doing anything like what another ex-staffer, Todd Bosnich, alleges. But they all acknowledge he can be an extremely difficult person to serve, and some are no longer supporting him because of the way they were treated.

Morning Report: With State Money in Doubt, a Deal Is Struck

Minimum wage to go on ballot (but not soon), no charges against DeMaio or his accuser (for now), deadly meningitis strain is identified and a dolphin needs a name (and gender).

Morning Report: Cops Finally Wake Up to Complaint

Police to finally investigate complaint, state legislature races are snoozers, candidates can't even agree on Ebola, cop monitors can't keep up, and libraries get more hours.

Marco Gonzalez Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Dense Development Objectors

One of the most high-profile environmental attorneys and activists in town fired a salvo against community opposition to new development projects last week.

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Morning Report: How Kevin Beiser Racked Up Money, Support and Absences

Brian Maienschein's under-the-radar success, more details on our next Meeting of the Minds and what we learned this week.