Students Are Bailing on Castle Park High

Students are fleeing the South Bay school in droves. Experts say the school-choice program that kick-started the exodus helps disenfranchised communities, but it also provokes a chicken-egg dilemma: How can suffering schools improve if students keep jumping ship?

Photo by Dustin Michelson

Mission Valley Keeps Getting More Roads – and More Traffic

As more people call Mission Valley home, it faces a crossroads: Will it become a livable neighborhood, or will it continue to be a throughway between the sprawled-out areas in San Diego?

Sacramento Report: Lorena Gonzalez’s Strange New Role

When Speaker Toni Atkins was done doling out committee chairmanships and leadership roles, a clear loser emerged. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez wasn't picked to chair any committees, and ended up as a vice chair, a role usually given to members of the minority party.

The Bizarre Unity of the SANDAG Board

SANDAG is a political Never-Never Land: A place where everyone seems to agree. There are reasons for that. “If someone speaks out, they’re ostracized,” said one longtime board member.

If Not the Minimum Wage, Then What? The GOP’s Poverty Problem

Carl DeMaio warned fellow members of his party to offer some kind of alternative to a minimum wage hike that would resonate with the working poor. But so far, San Diego Republicans have stopped short of offering a vision for what they'd do to help lift people out of poverty.

‘We’re Being Punished for Not Selling Alcohol’

Chuck Patton's Bird Rock Coffee Roasters will soon open a third location and has become a recognized name in micro-roasting. But Patton said that's no thanks to a city that rolls out the red carpet for craft beer brewers and few others.

Morning Report: CEQA’s Unintended Consequences

Ex-city planner surprises, a wrong man's horrific jail story, drought is here to stay a few years, snow arrives and a 1970 holiday treat from the Chargers.

Former Planning Director: SANDAG Ruling Got it Wrong

Earlier this week, former San Diego planning director Bill Fulton made his opinion clear: The ruling against SANDAG’s long-term transportation plan is not only wrong – it’s dangerous.

Morning Report: Is Calif. Pro-Environment but Anti-Business?

California's environmental law makes businesses queasy, mum's the word for South Bay school trustees, labor turbulence hits airport and TJ goes mod

Culture Report: Another UCSD Favorite Bites the Dust

UC San Diego is about to lose another campus go-to. Plus, Fresh Sound(s), a new face at the La Jolla Playhouse, a makeover for San Diego's crown jewel and more in our weekly round-up of local culture.

New Sweetwater Schools Trustees Haven’t Mastered That Whole Transparency Thing Yet

All five of the new trustees elected to Sweetwater Union High School District's board ran on a platform of transparency and restoring public trust. But so far, few of them are living up to those promises.