A Relentless Campaigner – for Better or Worse

School board president Kevin Beiser has racked up an absurd amount of campaign funds, and a wide, diverse group of supporters who praise his responsiveness. But there's evidence his tireless campaigning bumps up against his classroom duties.

Marco Gonzalez Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Dense Development Objectors

One of the most high-profile environmental attorneys and activists in town fired a salvo against community opposition to new development projects last week.

Exploring Tijuana’s Cultural Scene and More at Meeting of the Minds

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, we will introduce folks to the exciting things happening in Tijuana at our border-centric installment of Meeting of the Minds.

One Year and Multiple Complaints Later, SDPD Will Look Into This Woman’s Case

Kacie Bluhm says an SDPD officer mistreated her outside her home. Witnesses back up key parts of her story. The department has faced criticism in recent years that it doesn't take officers to task for their misdeeds.

The Definitive Timeline of All the Weird Things Said in the DeMaio Scandal

A lot has been said in this bizarre story that goes from plagiarism to burglary to lies and strange, muddled statements from prosecutors and police. Here's your chronological guide.

San Diego Explained: An Enforceable Climate Action Plan

On this week's SD Explained, Andrew Keatts and NBC 7's Catherine Garcia explain the ways Mayor Kevin Faulconer's Climate Action Plan aspires to slash San Diego's greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

The Strange Group of Allies and Enemies Born Out of Escondido’s Prop. H

The proposal to build homes on the old Escondido Country Club site has collected an unusual patchwork of supporters. It's also created some bizarre rifts, most notably among a local union and the Democratic candidate for mayor of Escondido.

Morning Report: How Booked Is the Convention Center, Really?

Behind the new start for South Bay's sprawling school district, CityBeat cautions DeMaio, first person in city history gets medi-pot shop license and why young singles like S.D.

Breaking Down Beiser’s Absences

Training and conferences only account for a quarter of San Diego Unified school board president Kevin Beiser’s time out of the classroom. The rest are sick and personal days. That likely doesn't violate any rules, but it does highlight a problem with the system itself.

Fact Check: San Diego’s Packed Convention Center

A member of the Airport Authority recently claimed the San Diego Convention Center is fully booked.