Tijuana Violence Ticks Up, But Don’t Blame Cartels

In a Q-and-A, David Shirk, director of USD's Mexico Justice Project and co-author of a new report on drug violence, talks about the effects of violence on ordinary residents of Tijuana and why the mayhem hasn't crossed over to the American side of the border.

Photo by Sam Hodgson

A Flexible Approach to Raising the Minimum Wage

Increasing the minimum wage is a proactive effort, but how we do so will dictate its sustained public impact.

Reality Check: School Foundations vs. Title I Funds

School fundraising groups say they balance the equation by drumming up money for schools that get less state and federal funds. Because this line of thinking keeps resurfacing, it’s worth a closer look.

The Difference Between Incubators and Accelerators

The key distinction is what happens at the end of the process and what you and your company walk away with.

The New Councilman’s Plans for Beaches and Business

Newly appointed City Council member Ed Harris joined us on this week's podcast to talk about what's next for District 2.

What We Learned About SeaWorld

It's one of the city's largest employers, and one of its most significant sources of income. But in the last year it's been forced into an emotionally fraught moral debate about its treatment of killer whales, the very creatures it's long celebrated and personified.

Sports Report: The Padres Actually Spent Money on a Player

Reaction to the Padres' Jedd Gyorko deal, the Chargers' no-brainer to keep Corey Liuget, re-examining the 2007 backfield and more in our weekly sports roundup.

Morning Report: What’s Putting the Brakes on ‘Rapid’ Transit

The tug-of-war over teacher evaluations, imagining a Shamu-less SeaWorld, why Chula Vista residents feel dispensable and chaos reigns as the Opera continues to wrestle over its fate.

School District Puts Teacher Evaluations on the Table

The initial contract proposal the district sent to the teachers union this week seeks to reboot its system for evaluating teachers.

San Diego’s Homelessness Population Is Shrinking – Slowly

San Diego still has by far the highest number of homeless people among cities in the county. But long-term data shows the city's efforts to provide shelter and aid might be paying off.

‘We’re Treated as Dispensables’: What We Learned from Our First News Literacy Workshop

Chula Vista residents have a lot to say. You just have to ask.