The Latest Disputed Stat in the Minimum Wage Fight

Did San Diego waiters make on average only $1.08 an hour in tips last year? That's in dispute, but it's not the only shaky figure we've seen thrown around in the battle over raising minimum wage.

Disadvantaged Students Are Doing Better in Charter Schools

Charter schools in the state are performing better than they did a few years ago, and the same holds for San Diego charters, according to a new report. One notable finding: Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are doing better in charter schools than in traditional public schools.

Carmel Valley Takes the Goldilocks Approach to One Paseo

Worried they'd be written off as NIMBYs if they rejected the development project outright, planning group members OK'd their own "just right" version of it – and it's much smaller than what Kilroy Realty has in mind.

The Case for Carl DeMaio Is Not That He’s a Peacemaker

DeMaio's instinct is to fight. He can't help it. And yet, his message has been that he can end the "dysfunction" and "divisiveness" in Congress. The case for him is better understood when you look back at his impact in San Diego.

We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About Charter Schools

The district is in the midst of a massive push to keep kids in their neighborhood schools, and as it moves forward, it would do well to look at what charters are getting right and find ways to replicate that success.

Morning Report: Do Teachers Get a Five-Year Pass?

Why we have teacher tenure in the first place (no, not to protect bad teachers), how the mayor is targeting red tape, how long the drought's been going on and a reptile to remember.

Fact Check: How Often San Diego Teachers Get Graded

Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio claimed San Diego Unified teachers only get evaluated every five years and parents don't get to see the results.


What Small Business Owners Want from the City

Protecting consumers, workers and the environment are critical responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean the city should lay the burden of complicated regulations on business owners.

5 Things to Know About How Teacher Tenure Took Hold in San Diego

Today's sprawling job protections — which are now being hashed out in courtrooms — have deep roots in a rule-free era.

Morning Report: In Hot Race, Surprising Unity on Women’s Issues

DeMaio raps anti-minimum-wage effort, we explode myths about the business climate, city now understands our sidewalk trippiness and the convention budget is hard to find.