The ABCs of English-Learning Students

San Diego Unified's plan to shuffle support teachers into lead teaching roles could impact English learners most. And there's plenty of reason to care about that shift even if your child speaks perfect English.

Fact Check: Fighting Drunk Driving in San Diego

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith claimed more than 99 percent of DUI cases prosecuted by his office result in convictions.

The Challenges of Doing Business in San Diego

In coming weeks, we'll examine the difficulty of doing business in San Diego, whether regional policies are driving an exodus of companies and what's motivating the firms that do move here.

Yes, Carl DeMaio Is a Republican

National media marvels that the House candidate is a member of the GOP. They shouldn’t.

How San Diego’s Big Railroad Dreams Went Off Track

The effort to bring a defunct cross-border track back to life has taken some turns lately. Back when San Diego was a backwater burg in the 1880s, local bigwigs tried to turn the city into the western terminus of the cross-country railroad system and the top port south of San Francisco. It didn't happen.

What San Diego CEOs Say As They Leave Town – Or Threaten To

Business leaders who've left San Diego behind have cited utility issues, housing costs and often, the benefits of a more central location, as they packed up for other states.

Morning Report: Holy Objectification of Women, Batman!

Women seeking a comfortable Comic-Con. How hard do you think it is to do business in San Diego? We're getting tons of stories. And all the days links.

San Diego Explained: Who Takes the Trolley?

In this week's San Diego Explained, Andrew Keatts and NBC 7's Catherine Garcia explore San Diego's public transit system, spotlighting the factors that influence trolley ridership.

Here’s Where MTS Says You Have First Amendment Rights – and Where You Don’t

Last week, the region's transit agency put in writing a policy that restricts where people can demonstrate, picket, hand out pamphlets and do other First Amendment-y things.

The Push for a Harassment-Free Comic-Con

Women who spend hours on costumes for Comic-Con often have much different experiences at the convention than men. A group of women wants Comic-Con to create a detailed harassment policy – and to make sure convention-goers know it exists.