New Teachers Bear the Burden of All Kinds of Public Policy Failures

San Diego Unified is right to consider low teacher experience a factor in lopsided suspension rates. But teachers aren't solely to blame — they often have to cope with the fallout from issues beyond their control, like a lack of affordable housing, unemployment and underserved neighborhoods.

Peters: DeMaio ‘Would Rather Pick a Fight Than Solve a Problem’

Rep. Scott Peters says he’s flabbergasted people are portraying his opponent, Republican Carl DeMaio, as a moderate.

Fact Check: Kashkari’s Big Claims About California’s Poverty

GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari said California has the most people living in poverty of any state in the nation.

A New Face and Old Battle Lines for Local Schools

Lindsay Burningham, the new president of the San Diego Education Association, is seen as more moderate and likely to compromise than some members of the union's more aggressive faction. But she's also holding strong to the kinds of teacher protections that have rankled reformers for years.

Stop Confusing Small Businesses and Startups

Small businesses and startups often get lumped together but they're different ventures with vastly different goals, and that means they need different things to thrive.

How the Tuna Capital of the World Is Weathering America’s Breakup With Tuna

Americans' long, slow break-up with tuna has certainly been felt by two big brands headquartered in San Diego. But one thriving local upstart brand is proving there are plenty of consumers willing to pay more for a product that comes with a transparent supply chain.

Culture Report: The Last Piece of Art Pulse Flatlines

Snorkl is snuffed out. Plus, Barrio Logan's new parasite, penciling Soul Sessions at your neighborhood barber shop and more in our weekly culture round-up.

Morning Report: County Wasn’t Born a Gamblin’ Man

Laying out the risky business in the county's new pension investment strategy. Plus, the health benefits of skate parks, who stands where in the minimum wage debate and more in our daily news round-up.

The County Pension’s Wall Street Game

The county's pension fund is betting bigger, but officials deny they’re at the casino.

SD Businesses Aren’t All on the Same Page on the Wage Hike

Like the rest of San Diego, business owners are split on a city minimum wage hike.

City Heights Grinds on Community Health in Urban Planning

The planning process is already cumbersome, but community health advocates are pushing for additional reviews that look at health in broader terms. That's come in handy with the planning of a new skate park in City Heights.