For San Diego Businesses, the Sky Is What’s Limiting

Eight years after voters rejected a new airport at Miramar, San Diego businesses are still clamoring for more international access.

Fact Check: $18K More Working for the Sheriff’s Department

The vice president of San Diego Police Officers Association claimed veteran San Diego officers could make almost $18,000 more working for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

What We Know – and What We Don’t – About the Plan to Make the U-T a Nonprofit

Longtime philanthropist Malin Burnham and current U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester both caution that any deal is a long way away. But Burnham, who admits he's no journalism expert, wants to dream big about the paper’s ability to fund civic ventures.

Charting a Path Forward for English-Learning Students

A new report offers some recommendations for how to support English-learning students. San Diego Unified is implementing a few of its own measures, but some big roadblocks still stand in English learners' way.

‘We Have to Invest in Our Teachers Once We Hire Them’

While San Diego Unified recognizes that lack of experience can contribute to teacher turnover and staffing instability, it hasn’t talked much about what makes new teachers – especially those in challenging schools – more likely to succeed.

Morning Report: Inside the ‘Innovation Economy’

County supervisor says "somebody jumped the gun" on pension plan, inside "vent farms" where sick live on life support, Santa Ana fire threat index debuts and UCSD gets sleepy.

What We Mean When We Talk About San Diego’s Innovation Economy

A report from Connect, a group that boosts local innovation and entrepreneurs, found technology jobs on the rise in the past year.

Morning Report: The City as Landlord (Not Very Impressive)

S.D. lacks a thought-out policy on leasing land, firms still find a reason to relocate here, Hueso's DUI police report surfaces, Kensington Video flips the switch and one messy time capsule

On Long-term Leases, San Diego Figures it Out on the Fly

The City Council's consideration of a new lease for Belmont Park underscores a strange truth when it comes to city property: There isn't any common understanding of what makes a good deal, and deals are rarely reached with any long-term vision in mind.

Why Some Companies Land in San Diego

For some companies that center on technology or niche services, a few key perks outweigh the factors that deter many companies from moving to San Diego.