Mission Valley Keeps Getting More Roads – and More Traffic

As more people call Mission Valley home, it faces a crossroads: Will it become a livable neighborhood, or will it continue to be a throughway between the sprawled-out areas in San Diego?

The Great Uncertainty Facing California Businesses

CEQA, the state's premier environmental law, allows outsiders to wade into developments. That's a big part of why it's one of the biggest headaches for San Diego businesses.

‘We’re Being Punished for Not Selling Alcohol’

Chuck Patton's Bird Rock Coffee Roasters will soon open a third location and has become a recognized name in micro-roasting. But Patton said that's no thanks to a city that rolls out the red carpet for craft beer brewers and few others.


Here’s How to Fix Your Transit Plan, SANDAG

Here's what SANDAG should do next, instead of wasting time and money on an appeal on behalf of its flawed long-term transportation plan.

CEQA Can Be a Convenient Weapon

The California Environmental Quality Act has become a tool for groups to delay or kill a project – even if their beef doesn't have anything to do with the environment.

Sacramento Report: Where New Bill Ideas Come From

Hueso gets probation after August arrest, Jessica's Law hasn't been working according to plan and the new state Senate leader is already making changes.

Police Watchdog: ‘There’s a Lack of Transparency’

Yuki Marsden is chair of the Citizens' Review Board on Police Practices in San Diego. In a Q-and-A, she reveals how the process works, gaps she sees in the system and what she thinks of body cameras.

Morning Report: The Crisis at Castle Park

Why the SANDAG plan failed in one chart, welcome to your sober Coaster commute and the police won't talk about Stingray technology.

Don’t Hold Your Breath on CEQA Reform

On the one side, you've got environmentalists opposed to any changes in the California Environmental Quality Act that would gut the law. On the other side, you've got infighting among all the interest groups pushing for reform.

Students Are Bailing on Castle Park High

Students are fleeing the South Bay school in droves. Experts say the school-choice program that kick-started the exodus helps disenfranchised communities, but it also provokes a chicken-egg dilemma: How can suffering schools improve if students keep jumping ship?