SeaWorld’s Black Wednesday — and What it Means for San Diego

SeaWorld acknowledged Wednesday that the so-called "Blackfish" bill may be affecting its bottom line, news that could mean smaller rent payments to the city of San Diego.

Oops: San Diego Unified Might Have Just Unwittingly Validated ‘Vergara’

A line buried in a San Diego Unified report indicates less-experienced teachers might suspend students more often because they lack classroom management skills. That idea validates the fundamental point made in Vergara v. California – that the weakest teachers disproportionately end up in low-income schools.

Fact Check: The Absurd Claims That Scott Peters Created – and Solved – the Pension Crisis

In a new web ad, Carl DeMaio describes his opponent, Rep. Scott Peters, as the mastermind of the city's pension scandal. Peters’ campaign's response: The congressman didn't create the pension problem – in fact, he solved it.

Fact Check: The Leanest Police Force in San Diego

The San Diego Police Department has been very vocal recently about its problem with recruiting and retaining officers. But does Chula Vista have it even worse?


The Government’s Upping Its Phone-Tracking Game

The government is invisibly collecting data on Bluetooth equipped smartphones along roadways. It's logical to assume this collection will expand to other public areas, and smartphones make a tantalizing tool for precise tracking.

Culture Report: An Uphill Battle to Fund San Diego Arts, Part Two

Psychedelic murals - no, not the ones getting disrespected in Tijuana, but we'll get to those too - plus an official appointment to the Commission for Arts and Culture and more in our weekly culture round-up.


In the Battle of Taxis vs. Rideshares, Customers Win

Instead of fighting innovation and embracing mediocrity, perhaps the taxi industry should work to keep in step with the new age of getting around.

Morning Report: Who’s Watching the Watchers?

Questions remain about police surveillance, petition drive to begin to fight minimum wage boost, city antagonist reports a bribe and a tattoo packs a (tiny) punch.

The Catch-22 of San Diego’s Tourism Economy

San Diego County has seen its most significant job growth since the recession in the last two years, but a big part of that is from part-time or low-paying roles. SANDAG's chief economist says "we're a little bit of a victim of our own success."

With Operation Secure San Diego, SDPD Is Doing More Watching and Less Talking

The bulk of the public conversation about the Operation Secure San Diego program has been limited to recruiting people with private cameras to join in – not outlining how police can safeguard people's privacy.