What San Diego CEOs Say As They Leave Town – Or Threaten To

Business leaders who've left San Diego behind have cited utility issues, housing costs and often, the benefits of a more central location, as they packed up for other states.

Ocean Beach Isn’t Fighting About Density

It's fighting about how big homes can be.

Morning Report: Holy Objectification of Women, Batman!

Women seeking a comfortable Comic-Con. How hard do you think it is to do business in San Diego? We're getting tons of stories. And all the days links.

Superintendent Forced Into Contradiction on English-Learners

Superintendent Cindy Marten once supported Thrive Public School, a charter trying to get approved in San Diego Unified. Then she urged the state to reject it, citing an incomplete plan for handling English-learners. The district, however, doesn't seem like it's in a place to lecture anyone on what to do about students learning English.

San Diego Is Attracting More Businesses Than It’s Losing

In the five years leading up to 2011, the region was a net winner in businesses moving from other areas. But we don't know about the last two years.


No, the New La Jolla Schools Agreement Isn’t Elitist

The La Jolla cluster partnership agreement gives the schools freedom to make common-sense decisions, something the multi-layered bureaucracy of the San Diego Unified School District is often lacking.

Morning Report: What to Watch for in Big PD Misconduct Deal

Misconduct settlement could be much more interesting than money. La Jolla schools get some flexibility. And all the news that's fit to link.

The Only Piece of the Jane Doe Settlement That Matters (Hint: It’s Not the Money)

Has SDPD agreed to any outside oversight or broad reforms?

New La Jolla Agreement Highlights the Best — and Worst — of SD Unified’s ‘Vision’

In many ways, the La Jolla cluster of schools' new agreement with San Diego Unified represents exactly what the school board has said it wants to see: a community taking ownership of its schools and speaking with unity. But it also points to what may be the Achilles heel of the district’s neighborhood schooling push.

Morning Report: Mexican Moneyman Gives His Side

SD businesses often leave town but don't go far, Chula Vistans want more than they're getting, paper wants probation chief out in child abuse scandal, and confusing street signs get rebuke.