Fact Check: Peters’ Hit on DeMaio and Equal Pay

Rep. Scott Peters' new ad paints his opponent, Carl DeMaio, as against the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Lessons from San Diego Schools’ MRAP Debacle

Now that the dust is settling, it’s worth reflecting on a couple key lessons we learned from the whole fiasco.

Charting a Path Forward for English-Learning Students

A new report offers some recommendations for how to support English-learning students. San Diego Unified is implementing a few of its own measures, but some big roadblocks still stand in English learners' way.

The Story Behind All Those New Craft Beer Tasting Rooms

A piece of language in the alcohol vendors' license most breweries have makes it easier to get additional locations OK'd. Turns out those small satellite locations are huge money-makers, and they address other issues that could stunt the industry's growth.

On Long-term Leases, San Diego Figures it Out on the Fly

The City Council's consideration of a new lease for Belmont Park underscores a strange truth when it comes to city property: There isn't any common understanding of what makes a good deal, and deals are rarely reached with any long-term vision in mind.

Morning Report: The Balboa Park Celebration Inc. Epilogue

Scorching centennial report slams just about everyone in sight, new laws for food in California, campaign ads mislead some more, and pets get helping hand from Sacramento.


Why Poway Is Considering a Re-Do on Its Bond Debt

A lot has changed since May 2011 that would make a property tax hike less destructive than it would have then.

Morning Report: Mayor Goes Big on Climate Law

Faulconer's plan gives progressives what they want, schools turn new page on discipline, councilmen call for water crackdown, and district's military vehicle is still here.

The End of ‘Willful Defiance’ School Punishments (Sort of)

A new law banning some uses of the catch-all category used to punish students is part of a broader shift away from punitive measures like expulsions and out-of-school suspensions that are doled out far more often to students of color.

Culture Report: The Ken Video’s Curtain Call

The Ken Cinema's little brother can't find a savior of its own, new mural projects in Carlsbad and La Jolla and the best local Instagram feeds.