Local Fishermen Land the Big One: a Dockside Market

Long caught in a regulatory gray zone, a group of commercial fisherman finally have permits to open San Diego’s Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

English-Learners Could Get Lost in the District’s Teacher Shuffle

Of the 46 teachers changing roles as part of the district's move to shuffle teachers instead of hiring new ones, 33 supported English learners. That’s about 40 to 50 percent of all the English learner support teachers in the district.

Fact Check: Fighting Drunk Driving in San Diego

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith claimed more than 99 percent of DUI cases prosecuted by his office result in convictions.

The Civilian’s Guide to Health Care for Veterans

Navigating health care through the VA can be tricky, and the local system has scaled back its outreach efforts to explain what’s available.

MTS Almost Got Off Easy on the Desert Line

A company under increasing scrutiny nearly made life easy on county transportation officials this month, when a missed lease payment almost negated its contract to rebuild a cross-border freight line. Now, if public officials want to undo the deal, they'll have to work for it.

Marten to President Obama: Let’s Do This

San Diego Unified is joining the president's initiative to boost outcomes for students of color. The pledge is largely symbolic, though: There’s no money being offered, and most of the changes the district is promising were things it was going to do anyway.

You Don’t Know SD: Getting the Facts Straight in San Diego’s Most High-Profile Election

Expect to see a ton of national stories about the race for Congress between Rep. Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio. Expect to see a lot of things wrong, too.

Morning Report: What the District’s Swap-Out Plan Means

Assemblywoman makes a splash in Sacramento, more turmoil erupts at Scripps Research Institute, Lake Morena water drama unfolds and Southwest Airlines can't keep up.

The ABCs of English-Learning Students

San Diego Unified's plan to shuffle support teachers into lead teaching roles could impact English learners most. And there's plenty of reason to care about that shift even if your child speaks perfect English.

Morning Report: DUI Enforcement Stats Are Tipsy

City attorney's numbers don't add up, assemblywoman checks on immigrant kids, the dead cast votes, drought future looks grim and a snapshot of 1951 (for better and worse).