The ABCs of English-Learning Students

San Diego Unified's plan to shuffle support teachers into lead teaching roles could impact English learners most. And there's plenty of reason to care about that shift even if your child speaks perfect English.

Fact Check: Fighting Drunk Driving in San Diego

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith claimed more than 99 percent of DUI cases prosecuted by his office result in convictions.

English-Learners Could Get Lost in the District’s Teacher Shuffle

Of the 46 teachers changing roles as part of the district's move to shuffle teachers instead of hiring new ones, 33 supported English learners. That’s about 40 to 50 percent of all the English learner support teachers in the district.

Conflict Pushes Fulton Out of Bay Park Decision

The city is selecting a consultant to rewrite development restrictions around two new trolley stops. Planning director Bill Fulton removed himself from the decision due to a conflict of interest under the city's ethics ordinance.

Yes, Carl DeMaio Is a Republican

National media marvels that the House candidate is a member of the GOP. They shouldn’t.

Morning Report: Grantville’s the Next Big Planning Battle

New VOSD quest is launched, City Heights isn't entirely happy about new market, city fix-it plan is delayed, well-paid ex-official wants unemployment and Raymond Chandler's 128th birthday.

City Heights Residents Are Wary of Albertsons Replacement

Albertsons caused an uproar when it left the so-called food desert in February. Now, a new supermarket is coming to City Heights, but residents aren't welcoming it with open arms.

San Diego’s Next Density Fight

City planners are eyeing changes to Grantville: They want to take the industrial area and turn it into one with lots of apartments and retail storefronts, an urban village based around the neighborhood's trolley stop. But if history's any guide, that'll be easier said than done.

Morning Report: Convicted Officials Can Run Again

Schools seek to help minorities, national media's on notice, Filner victim speaks up, OB land-use debate continues, strippers get support and nerds arrive for Comic-Con.

Culture Report: Thinking Outside the System

Comic-Con descends on the city, five theater companies ring in a decade of work and more in our weekly culture roundup.