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Ex-assemblywoman and possible mayoral hopeful Lori Saldaña says she’d like to use new media tools to help her ramp up her campaign but it’s not clear she knows how to use them.

She told NBC 7 she’ll need to use “smart technology, new media, social media” to best at least 30 potential mayoral contenders. After all, she’s got just two months to promote herself.

But so far, Saldaña doesn’t seem to be taking her own advice.

Her Twitter account is private.

Image courtesy Twitter.com

Saldaña’s Twitter profile does include a link to her Facebook page, but only folks with accounts can view it. Folks with Facebook accounts who aren’t friends with Saldaña are limited in what they can see — mostly just a few recent photo posts.

Image courtesy Facebook.com

Saldaña also has a presence on LinkedIn, but she appears to have two profiles.

One still lists her as a candidate in California’s 52nd Congressional District. Rep. Scott Peters bested Saldaña  in the primary election for the seat more than a year ago.

Image courtesy LinkedIn.com

A second LinkedIn profile only mentions Saldaña’s role as a top officer for San Diego’s Sierra Club chapter.

Image courtesy LinkedIn.com

Saldaña doesn’t appear to have Tumblr or Instagram accounts.

Perhaps Saldaña can get some social media tips from her competitors.

Fellow mayoral hopefuls David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer and Nathan Fletcher are avid tweeters and Facebook updaters.

Saldaña did not respond to requests for comment.

Update: Saldaña emailed me late Tuesday about this story. Here’s an excerpt from her email:

“Thank you for your interest in my use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. I have not formally announced my candidacy, so
I have no campaign websites or other accounts set up to promote a campaign.

“The ones you attempted to access are not campaign tools. I intentionally keep some of my postings, photos etc. private if only to communicate with family and friends and keep politics out of our personal lives to the extent it’s possible.”

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