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You could argue the arts are most powerful when they’re easily available to people. Neighborhoods with high crime rates or no positive community engagement see a surge of civic pride with access to art, which generally translates to good things for the area and residents as a whole.

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation in southeastern San Diego is one purveyor of arts’ healthy impact. The organization works to transform struggling neighborhoods through civic engagement, arts and community development, redevelopment and outreach through several channels. Among them is the center’s lineup of fun, ethnically diverse cultural celebrations, performances and arts events, most of them completely free.

Victoria Hamilton, who serves as development manager for the center, tells the U-T that the hope for these events is to bring “new people to our community while providing a way for our neighbors to celebrate arts and culture.” The U-T also lists the schedule of events, including offerings from The Old Globe, San Diego Dance Theater, San Diego Art Institute and Culture Shock Dance Troupe.

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Basura Social, The Fence and More Visual Art

Spotlight on Amanda Stalter, whose fascinating portraits are often a reflection of her personal angst and anxiety. (Pacific)

CityBeat profiles prolific artist Richard Allen Morris, whose unconventional style and refusal to play by the art world’s rules have made it tough for him to get by.

• The U-T takes a look at “The Fence/La Barda,” Art Produce’s cross-cultural exhibition running through Oct. 25.

• Some people paint the town red. Artist Raúl Guerrero simply paints the bars. (CityBeat)

• A new art collective has sprouted up in town. Welcome Basura Social, which will take a stance against materialism, vanity and power through members’ art work, according to a description sent to CityBeat.

Small Theater, Carlsbad Music Fest and More Music and Performance News

• The La Jolla Playhouse’s new offering “Kingdom City” takes a hard look at artistic freedom. KPBS’s “Midday Edition” talks to the playwright, Sheri Wilner, and theatrical consultant Gabriel Greene.

KPBS talks to the brilliant minds behind The Old Globe’s newest musical “Bright Star,” created by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.

• KPBS also does theater fans a solid by rounding up some of the best offerings on small stages this month and next, including a play about a 1960s tomboy wanting to get in on the surf craze, a series of 10-minute play-ettes and one piece about a luxurious resort on Mars.

• Hey! It’s theater review time! “This Wide Night” is a slow exploration of freedom (U-T), “Catch Me if You Can” is colorful fun (CityBeat), “Kingdom City” is bold (U-T) and “Red Planet Respite” needs a little work (U-T).

The Carlsbad Music Festival is still kicking after 11 years, returning this weekend with more jam than your nana’s preserves pantry. (U-T)

Your influences are invalid, even if it means an opera based on the story of Milli Vanilli. (Reader)

The Barrio, Panama66 and More Culture Crumbs

• With this unbearable heat wave giving everyone a perma-sweat ‘stache, the need to cool down, especially when outdoors, is becoming essential. That’s why Panama66, the new restaurant/craft beer and cocktail bar that opened in the San Diego Museum of Art’s former café area, is a godsend. If I have to endure 90 degree heat, I want to do it with a cocktail. The U-T gives us a rundown of the new hotspot.

• DiscoverSD breaks down all the radness, the nibbles and the sights Barrio Logan has to offer. I’ll take a chamango and an awesome art walk any day.

• The U-T gives us a sneak peak on what some of San Diego’s coolest local authors have been up to while holed up in coffee shops.

San Diego has a slew of healthy delivery options that bring fresh meals to your door. Cool, now I know I won’t starve to death. (Pacific)

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