These were the most-read stories for the week of March 14-20.

1. Guilt by Association: Facebook Pics Could Help Send a Young Man to Prison for Life

2. No, the City Did Not Nix the 2005 Chargers Plan Over Traffic

3. Stadium Task Force Hangs Its Hat on Mission Valley

4. Judge Tosses Charges Against Harvey, Duncan – But it Might Not End There

5. San Diego Has Spent $15 Million on Community Plans. It’s Only Finished One.

6. Escobar-Eck: ‘We Can’t Continue to Grow Out; We Have to Grow Up’

7. The Chargers’ Beef With Qualcomm

8. Feds: San Diego Police Not Held Accountable for Misconduct

9. 5 Lessons from the Padres’ Stadium Push

10. Sorry, Chargers — the City Can’t Afford a Handout

Tristan Loper

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