Mickey Kasparian, the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers and the Labor Council in San Diego, seems to appreciate Republicans. Not because he agrees with them — he certainly doesn’t. But he seems to envy their discipline. And he understands them more than some Democrats who don’t follow his lead.

Councilwoman Myrtle Cole is on the list right now, it looks like. Kasparian is not pleased she didn’t stay completely loyal to Todd Gloria in his bid to stay on as Council president. A few other things shook him up and he wouldn’t even rule out supporting an opponent against her in the next election.

As part of my effort to do special one-on-one podcast conversations with newsmakers in the region, I sat down with Kasparian for a full hour.

We talked about the many Dems who have fallen out of his favor (and the few who have earned it back), Walmart, international trade (he has a big warning for U.S. Rep. Scott Peters) and the strike that he says catalyzed the local labor movement more than a decade ago.

Listen to the podcast hereon Stitcher or on iTunes.

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