1. Look at Your Tent Cities, San Diego
Homeless tents and encampments are cropping up across the region, making it hard to ignore San Diego’s homeless problem. (Lisa Halverstadt)

2. Fact Check: Wild Animal Park’s Naughty Line
Statement: “It sounds like a corporate myth but it’s true: The world-famous Wgasa Bush Line, the park’s original monorail, received its name when a committee, searching for an African-sounding title, seized upon WGASA, a well-known acronym for Who Gives A (bleep) Anyway.” (Grant Barrett and Randy Dotinga)

3. Oceanside’s Sudden Construction Boom Was a Long Time Coming
Though it feels sudden, the plan to transform downtown Oceanside has been in the works for decades, following years of planning, a pause from the recession and a lawsuit that held things up even further. (Maya Srikrishnan)

4. What SeaWorld’s Big Shift Means for Its San Diego Park
SeaWorld has agreed to end its orca breeding program, and theatrical shows that feature the whales. (Lisa Halverstadt)

5. Big Decision Looms for Dems as City Attorney Race Grows Fierce
San Diego’s primary election isn’t for three months, but who will advance to the runoff in the race for city attorney could be decided next week. That’s when the local Democratic Party will choose whether to endorse one of the four Democrats running. (Andrew Keatts)

6. Years of Defying State Affordable Housing Law Gets Encinitas Sued, Again
Encinitas has spent years finding ways around a law that lets developers bypass certain restrictions if they include affordable housing in their projects. (Maya Srikrishnan)

7. The Quiet Death of the Mayor’s $1 Million Challenge
In his 2015 State of the City address, Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a challenge called Innovate San Diego. The person or group whose idea did the most to improve housing, infrastructure or entrepreneurship in San Diego would win $1 million. But the $1 million never materialized and the challenge never happened. (Lina Chankar)

8. New Graduation Requirements Are Leaving Behind Students They Were Supposed to Help
Fewer than two-thirds of black and Latino students in San Diego Unified are on track to graduate in 2016, a new study shows. (Mario Koran)

9. Mayor’s Staff Says Complaints Forced Them to Broaden Homeless Sweeps
The city says complaints about trash and hazards around homeless encampments are leading to expanded clean-up operations. Homeless advocates see the efforts as something else: criminalization of homelessness. Mayor Kevin Faulconer says his focus is on connecting the homeless with housing rather than booting them from downtown. (Lisa Halverstadt)

10. VOSD Podcast: Comic-Con Speaks
David Glanzer, marketing and public relations director of Comic-Con, stopped by the studio to discuss the myriad issues surrounding the behemoth pop-culture event and to lift the curtain on some of its inner workings. (Colin Thomson)

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