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It’s fast becoming the fiercest battle for the future of San Diego city politics. It’s Measure K, the change that would require runoffs for all city elections.

Right now, if any candidate for City Council, mayor or city attorney wins more than 50 percent of the vote in a primary election, they win the seat outright without having to compete in the November general election.

It may seem like an obscure change to city law, but it would impact San Diego politics in major ways, and a lot of people plan to spend a lot of money to win voters over to their side.

Now we have confirmed what could be the liveliest debate at Politifest 2016.

Voice of San Diego assistant editor Andrew Keatts is going to moderate a debate between:

Mickey Kasparian, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers

Steve Peace, former state senator

Chris Cate, San Diego City Councilman

Ryan Clumpner, Republican political consultant

Kasparian and Peace will argue in favor of Measure K; Cate and Clumper are arguing against the measure.

Of the 31 measures on the November ballot that the typical San Diego voter will consider, none could change city politics more than this. Come catch the show. See the rest of the schedule and our expected keynote speakers at http://politifest.org.

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