San Diego State University Performing Arts Plaza / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

Recently, La Jolla Symphony & Chorus debuted their new conductor, Patrick Walders, who joins the company working alongside some of the top musicians in San Diego.

But Walders also has another job at San Diego State as director of choral studies, from which he is currently on paid administrative leave. Over the past several months, former coworkers and students of Walders have come forward to our Kinsee Morlan to share stories of how they say Walders wields his influence in inappropriate ways.

Walders responded to VOSD through his lawyer, who said any complaints should go through the university’s grievance system.

Opinion: Let’s Issue Permits for Cannabis Lounges

While cannabis consumption may be legal under California law, one way that black market sales still thrive is due to restrictions on where the bud can be consumed. David Clement argues that San Diego should follow the lead of West Hollywood and issue permits for lounges, which allow cannabis consumption in a private business setting much like bars that serve alcohol.

“The reason why we don’t have rampant public consumption of alcohol on city streets is that people can consume alcohol in controlled and licensed settings,” Clement writes. For tourists who are staying in places that forbid cannabis consumption, such lounges would be their only option, Clement points out.

• Jimbo’s Grocery Stores have announced they will begin selling cannabis-infused drinks in their San Diego locations. (Union-Tribune)

Trump and Brown Spar Over Troop Deployment

President Trump and Gov. Jerry Brown are in a spat over whether the California National Guard will be deployed to San Diego’s Mexican border, and what the troops will and won’t do if they go. Times of San Diego reports Brown is willing to deploy 400 troops, but only with the caveat that they have absolutely nothing to do with enforcing federal immigration laws. Trump called that a deployment to “do nothing” and claimed that California’s crime rate “is high enough.”

Trump later used Twitter to thank the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for voting to support his lawsuit against California’s SB 54 that limits how local law enforcement can cooperate with immigration agents.

Animal Shelters Need Shelter

As the deadline approaches for the city of San Diego to find a new provider for animal services, a tentative deal has been struck with the Humane Society to pick up where the county is leaving off on July 1st. The Union-Tribune’s David Garrick explains the deal involves the city paying around $20 million for a short, 18 month contract for the Humane Society to handle animal shelters and adoptions in the city.

“The costs for services would be similar to what the city has been paying in recent years to the county, which has handled animal services for the city since 1971,” Garrick writes. The deal would include the Humane Society operating the Linda Vista shelter that currently sits next door to a Humane Society adoption center.

The deal will need City Council approval, where it faces some resistance due to the Humane Society not using unionized labor as the county currently does.

Lightning Round

Qualcomm announced it’s cutting 1,231 jobs in San Diego, effective June 19th. (Union-Tribune)

Our former colleague, Will Carless, has a jarring report at Reveal about racist incidents that are punctuated with yelps of “Trump!” across the country. The story leads with an anecdote about a woman in San Diego.

A teacher who was responsible for a student with special needs when he was allegedly raped in the bathroom at Lincoln High has earned an award, and one former vice principal is not happy about it. (KFMB)

Keeping San Diego’s highways free of litter and debris is increasingly hard and expensive. CalTrans blames homeless encampments. (KPBS)

A fight in Hillcrest over whether to build a seven-story residential complex is emblematic of the current housing dilemma faced by San Diegans. (NBC 7)

A sheriff’s captain who got off light on a gun charge donated to Sheriff Bill Gore’s campaign, and to have his family do the same. (Union-Tribune)

• A City Council committee didn’t like an idea to dedicate about $23 million from the city’s Special Programs Promotional Department to homelessness, and sent the proposal backwards. (KUSI)

• The Army is thinking about where to locate its new high-tech “Futures Command,” and San Diego is on the list of 15 possible cities. (NBC 7)

• As the father of an eight month-old, I can’t decide if it’s delightful or worrisome that California is so eager to bring newborns into the workplace every day, starting with state offices. (NBC 7)

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can email him at or follow him on Twitter: @loteck.

Seth Hall

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter: @loteck.

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