Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts host a live episode of the Voice of San Diego Podcast.

As 2018 packs up its mess of a suitcase and makes way for 2019, we wanted to take a moment to ransack said suitcase. We’ve strewn out the dankest laundry, most meaningful analyses, and of course, your favorite mini moments from the VOSD Podcast this year.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite episodes, as chosen by hosts Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts, and a couple highlights from our listeners.

Andrew’s Picks:

This episode was dedicated to the death of a decade-long push to expand the Convention Center.

The podcast’s first Election Draft scratched the sports itch that’s been tingling since the Chargers’ exit. Andrew, Sara and Scott picked their most-anticipated races for the November election.

Sara’s Picks:

This episode broke down the many, many state measures on the November ballot. These measures were confusing and often too boring to understand. Enter: Sara Libby and Voice’s Ry Rivard.

In October, there was one week in which quintessential California news dominated: cars; homelessness; plastic straws.

Voice’s Maya Srikrishnan joined the show to unpack the chaos at the border.

Your Picks:

We reached out to our trusty audience to help us unearth gems hidden in this year’s shows.

Bobby Cressey tweeted about Andy’s indignation over the decision to let schoolchildren make the call on an infrastructure problem.

Just hearing the @andy_keatts rant at around the 35 min mark on the latest @voiceofsandiego podcast. Pure indignant fuego

— Bobby Cressey 🔜 a buffet somewhere (@Bobbycressey) September 11, 2018

Rogelio Gudiño, from the podcast Facebook group, nominated this moment when Scott attempted to display his very hip awareness of popular culture and the music group, “Destiny Child.” Yup, Destiny Child.

Starting at 47:45:

What was your favorite moment from the podcast this year? And what do you want to hear in the next? Drop a comment below, or spread your wings in our Facebook group.

And finally, here are our most popular episodes from the last year:

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