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Big changes are coming to California — and San Diego leaders are playing a major role in the shifts.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a trove of legislation that will impact housing, police accountability and the #MeToo movement. While most of the bills signal big changes for the state as a whole, we couldn’t help but notice that many of them were written by San Diego leaders or influenced by local San Diego politics.

On our latest podcast, Voice of San Diego’s Sara Libby, Andrew Keatts and Adriana Heldiz go through this year’s “billsplosion” at the state Capitol and consider San Diego’s impact.

Speaking of impact: Three of those bills were inspired by Voice of San Diego coverage, including AB 1747, which limits sharing of state databases with federal immigration authorities; AB 262, clarifies the role of public health officials during a public health crisis; and SB 276 cracks down on medical vaccine exemptions.

Meanwhile, at San Diego City Hall …

Big things are happening in Sacramento. At City Hall … eh, not so much.

On Tuesday, Council President Georgette Gómez’s plan to update the city’s so-called inclusionary housing policy faced another defeat after the Council failed to overturn the mayor’s veto. Gómez will be taking another crack at the policy in an effort to make it passable. Even with a supermajority on the Council, city Democrats are struggling to effectively wield their new power.

Mo’ Money, Ol’ Problems

Earlier this week, VOSD’s Ashly McGlone reviewed the Prop. 51 funds received by San Diego County schools.

Voters approved the multibillion-dollar statewide school bond measure back in 2016 to help repair crumbling buildings and build new ones. But so far, much of the money has been put toward projects that were completed long before the bond was passed.

While in office, former Gov. Jerry Brown did not support the measure. He said the requirements to receive funding from the bond meant that wealthy districts would be first in line to get the cash. That, he argued, would further increase school inequality. McGlone found that when it comes to San Diego County schools, that’s exactly what happened.

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