Poll workers help with drive-thru voting at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters on Election Day 2014. / Photo by Dustin Michelson

Typically election season really heats up after Labor Day, but things are already getting hot thanks to a strange new battle over the Union-Tribune’s endorsements, and the continued debate over voting by mail.

On this week’s VOSD Podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and I broke down the confusing fight that played out this week over whether candidates should be allowed to tout the Union-Tribune’s endorsement in their ballot statements, and what those endorsements actually mean.

Meanwhile, Keatts this week detailed why it’s such a reversal that Republicans are suddenly warning of the dangers of mail voting. Not only have high-profile Republicans, like San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric, consistently utilized mail voting themselves, the party as a whole has pioneered outreach efforts to those voters and relies on party members who take part in mail voting.

How the 101 Ash St. Deal Went Down

Nerds like us have followed each development in the 101 Ash St. debacle closely, but this week, VOSD’s Jesse Marx and Lisa Halverstadt wrote a definitive narrative of how the entire deal came together and fell apart so spectacularly.

Key to the chaos was the involvement of a third-party developer called Cisterra Partners.

The city initially rejected overtures to buy the building because Doug Manchester, a supporter of Mayor Kevin Faulconer, owned a stake in the building, and his involvement could invite accusations for the mayor. That’s why the city was more attracted to dealing with a separate party. Ironically, though, the city’s effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety seems to have led to quite a bit of actual propriety.

Also on the Show

Schools! Obviously. We hosted a town hall event this week laying out the issues involved with the new crop of private schooling options that have come up in the absence of physical schools. The conversation was great, and we’ve included the first portion of it here.


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